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Not recieving calls and text, cannot log into my account

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

I noticed recently my phone signal symbol as an "!" Beside it. So I check my account and I owed money (as my card recently expired). So I signed it, added new card and paid the amount and added auto renewal. Payment was confirmed in statement. However my phone still has this "!" And I'm not receiving texts. I recently tried to sign into my account and it redirected me to "internal service error" this has happened over a week now. 


Can someone please advise as I have important documents to report which require my phone number to register.


Thanks, Arran 




Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle


When you log into your self serve is your account status active?

Mayor / Maire



Self service is down for maintenance right now. Try later. Use chrome, but clear your cache first and go incognito.


Once self service is up confirm whether your Account Status is Active as suggested by @maximum_gato 


In the meantime try rebooting, resetting network settings, reinstalling SIM card.

Mayor / Maire


Self Serve accounts are under maintenance overnight so try login after 10:00 am EST tomorrow.

Mayor / Maire

I am assuming you sorted it out? The maintenance is obviously over hopefully it is back up and running.