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Not receiving international text messages

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Hi there,


I am not receiving international text messages even though I have this as part of my plan. Can you please assist?


Mayor / Maire


Can you confirm that the person texting you is using the correct syntax to text you. Where are they texting you from? Can you text them?

Mayor / Maire

Maybe the person sending text to you can only send locally...not to Canada.

Your PM account has Unlimited International texting so you're covered...the other end must have some problem sending to you maybe.

Mayor / Maire

@cmorden   is that a system text or a text from friends?


Please note system text (short code from banks) usually do not work internationally.  It is not an issue with PM but a setting issue with the senders.  Usually it costs them extra and a different setup and hence many won't implement it


If it is a text from friends, let us know where he is from and how he text you , could be an issue with exit code and the pattern he put in.


Mayor / Maire

If you can provide further details, the community can definitely help get to the bottom of it. Are you able to answer the above questions?

Mayor / Maire


Are you currently in Canada? Or the US? If not you cannot receive any incoming text messages as pm service does not work outside of Canada or the US. You can receive incoming SMS texts in the US but all other services in the US require a US roaming add on.





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