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Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Yesterday, I first signed up and pre-paid for a service package with Public Mobile. My PM Account was confirmed to be in place and paid. I then worked through the process of becoming a Public Mobile customer by confirming that the SIM card in my Pixel 4XL was usable. I typed in the IMEI number found in "About phone" and what I think was referred to as the eSIM was confirmed "successful". I understood this to mean I did not need to get a new SIM card from Public Mobile, that the SIM card in my phone would support my new Public Mobile service. Am I in error on that point? I then moved to "port in" my phone number from my previous service provider. Within 5 minutes I received a text SMS message from my previous provider and I promptly responded "YES". I waited 5 hours, no service on Public Mobile. I then called it a night and I went off to bed. This morning I logged into my account with my previous provider where it indicated my service there was cancelled as of yesterday's date. I called their customer service and a live person confirmed my phone number was ported out and my service was cancelled (previous provider). It is now past 8pm on the day after initiating this transfer to Public Mobile and I still have no in or out service by phone or text. One oddity about the SIM card is that Public Mobile shows a "current" 19 digit number on my account whereas there is a 20 digit number on the physical SIM card in my phone - is that meaningful to my issue? I tried changing the SIM number to the number on my card but of course got a message that it was not a valid SIM card number. The 19 digit "current" number remains in place. I do not have any temporary outgoing service by phone or text as indicated would be provided. Please help.



If her Zoomer account is closed and you didn’t reply to the text with YES.

If may not be possible to port her old number over but contact a CS_Agent to see if porting can be completed.


Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Today I referred my Mom to Public Mobile and helped her do the signup and port. All went smooth and she has public mobile service now. I had her old provider sim in the phone (Zoomer wireless) and waited about 30 minutes for a text to say 'YES' to. I looked at her phone and it had no service with Zoomer anymore, yet no porting text to confirm.  When activating I selected to port the number right away and used the Zoomer account number NOT the imei number as you get the choice. I turned off the phone popped in the Public sim card and the number had been ported already. I tested the data, text and in and out bound calls all services work. Weird no confirmation text was ever sent to port. Sdale maybe restart your phone with the public sim in it. possibly it just needs a restart. 

Customer Support Agent



Mayor / Maire

The old sim will not be re-usable. Or did you try to sign up using an esim? This whole esim business seems to me to have been poorly executed.

Mayor / Maire

@Sdale  Actually this might not be a porting issue at all you may just need to support to re provision your sim 

message support directly

while your already here and logged in the community you can send a private message   To CS_Agents click          

VVVVV      Link below    VVVVV


Mayor / Maire

@Sdale  There’s a number to call live support that can help with the porting will send you private message to get fixed 

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