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No calls being received, calls going straight to voice mail

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

I have done all the required tests to get me to this ask. 

I am a new customer and it has been two days since signing up and transferring everything on a mobile phone. What gives? Anybody? Is it just busy on the PM side of things? 

Reboot phone check

take out sim card check

sing it a lullaby check

see if call forwarding is on check

see if do not disturb is on check




Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

yes and everything checked

Mayor / Maire



Did you respond YES to the port authorization text when you moved here?


If not, to re-initiate the port, click here:


If so, here's a few other items to check (just go ahead and try them all):


  • ensure airplane mode is not enabled
  • ensure do not disturb is not enabled
  • ensure the number calling you is not on a blocked senders list
  • disable any call-forwarding features/settings
  • turn off Bluetooth -- it's possible the 'ringing' is going through to a Bluetooth device instead of device's speakers
  • remove and reinsert your SIM card
  • reset network connections