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New iphone 6s + locked to public mobile

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Originally purchased a rogers' iphone 6s+ and it was unlocked by rogers. Use the phone with public mobile for few months until there is something wrong with the scree. Under apple care warranty and apple replaced thr new phone and send me a new iphone6s+ replacement. Since recieved this replacement phone always use it with public mobile.
I travel overseas still thinking that this iphone is unlocked since (1. Previous phone is unlocked and 2. I can use it with public mobile), but the reality kicked in when i tryed to use foreign sim card and it shows the phone is locked to a service provider.

Called apple and they asked me to call rogers again to unlock it as the replacement phone was sent as the same description as the original one being replaced. Called rogers and the confirmed that the phone is not locked to them and they cant do unlock the phone that is not locked to them.

My delima is that who is this phone currently locked to? If it is now locked tonpublic mobile? How and why?

Please help..


Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle

If the device was an unactivated phone it might have locked onto Telus/Koodo as it was the first sim in the phone. New unactivated Rogers/Fido iPhones usually lock to the first sim inserted into them upon activation. Simply put, an original unactivated Rogers iPhone will lock to Fido (if Fido is first in and vice versa) and you can't use a Rogers sim until unlocked. I know they are the same network but Rogers/Fido iPhones have been like this for a long time. 


Now having said that it doesn't explain why it would be locked to Telus but one way to test it would be to put a Rogers sim in and if it goes to the activation screen and says the sim is invalid then it is indeed locked to the Telus system as it works on Public. 


If if that is the case I would call apple back and tell them they made the mistake and ask for an unlocked phone. You should have a receipt from Rogers if unlocked from them as proof. If you used a third party such as off of eBay I would still call Apple and ask for assistance. 


As previously stated @ckl


The other option is to make a backup via iCloud or iTunes and simply restore to factory but make sure you have a foreign sim (see below) installed so that the unlock congratulations come up on the iTunes screen. Then simply restore the phone from the backup that you just made. This is the official way of unlocking the iPhone as most telephone companies say to do this but in my experience you just need to insert a foreign sim (other than the network it was originally locked to) and once it has data via cellular/wifi it will briefly go to the apple logo and then back to whatever screen you were using and it's unlocked. 


 As for the *#06# is for the imei of the phone. Instead of reading it off of settings or the back of the phone and sim tray for older iPhone models. The i6s doesn't have the imei on the back cover of the phone like previous generations. 





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I'm not an iphone user so I'm not sure if this works, but you could try the steps outlined here as it just requires you to connect to itunes and re-setup the phone (read the entire article even if it does not apply to you. ie. first parts described the iphone purchased from Apple which you did not):


Try that first. If it doesn't work, then try *#06 on the diapad (not sure if this works on the 6s+ but google told me it worked on previous versions) and it should tell you something about the lock status.


If nothing works, and since you said that Apple resent a new iphone with the same description as the one it replaced (ie. original was locked to Rogers), then you may need to get Rogers to unlock the phone again. Did the Rogers employee check your new phone to see if it was unlocked or did they just tell you that the phone they gave you (the original one with screen problems) was unlocked?



Rather than being a naysayer by suggesting that the online unlocking services would probably not refund one's payment, why not check with the companies first?

By sowing seeds of doubt, logic dictates that the OP is less likely to use an online service.

But if it turns out that the phone was actually not locked to begin with (and perhaps it was a different matter causing the issue), I don't know if any of these online services will give you your money back (I'm guessing not?).

That's excellent sound advice @Martin

This could happen to anyone. Hopefully the advice @Martin gave will correct your dilemma


If your phone was indeed unlocked and you upgraded your operating system, there's a possibility that the phone reverted to locked status.

Two very reputable unlocking services are: and

Good luck!

Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle

weird. I feel your pain @mraquinas. Certainly this is the right place to ask this question if your iPhone is not locked to Rogers. I suggest you email Public Mobile ( and see if they can help you figure it out. 

Mayor / Maire

Sorry @mraquinas, but this is not the right forum for this question. You want to either find an iPhone unlocking forum to post on, or go to your friendly neighbourhood unlocking store.


You will hear a lot of opinions from others on this forum, but again, the information may or may not be accurate and pertinent to your specific problem.


I don't know what could be causing the problem but PM does not lock phones. So, whatever triggered your problem is not related to PM. Hopefully someone else does know how to clear up your difficulty using the phone overseas.

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