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Monthly plan

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

My monthly plan got changed to a different plan and I didn’t make any changes. How do I go back to my original plan?


Mayor / Maire

@minhte1  PM has sent out some promotional text earlier to sale it's $40 plan, all people have to do is to reply YES and a plan change will be scheduled.    Maybe you got it and you replied by mistake?


Go back and check your text history and see if you receive such text from PM and if you replied YES.  

Let us know what you find  If you really have replied YES by mistake, you will likely have to take the cost of it and schedule back the plan to your original one. for next renewal date.  


Mayor / Maire


Did you reply to a text with YES approving the upgrade around December/January?

Just login to your account as per @hairbag1 instruction.

Mayor / Maire


so did you or someone with your authority initiate the plan change ?

Log in on a laptop and first use incognito mode.

Plan and Add-on / Change My Plan


You can change to whatever plan is currently available, but make sure to click Change plan on renewal date.


added example...



Use the little up/down arrow to find the plan you want.