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Lost phone, want keep old number with new phone

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

I lost my phone, with my SIM card in it obviously.  I want to keep my old number and add my new phone to my account.   Not really sure how , simbot wasn’t helpful 


Mayor / Maire


Login your account and go to Profile section and click on Report Lost/Stolen Phone then grab another SIM and click on Change SIM Card Number so your account will be transferred to the new SIM.


@mikelynch102 , if you have the new SIM card already, simply login to the self serve account and change the SIM card.  This function can only be done using a computer, no mobile device.  I suggest using incognito mode on the browser. 

Mayor / Maire



obtain a new Sim card, preferably from a corporate TELUS or Koodo location as public mobile will take many weeks, then log into self serve under your profile and change the Sim card to the new Sim card purchased, after you obtain a replacement device.


Whatever you do, do not activate the new Sim card when you get it as that will create a whole new account and you will then not be able to attach your existing number to that account.