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Keep number but de-activate account while abroad

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Hi there, 

I'm now living in another country from June to October. I'd like to stop payments to my account as I cannot use this number abroad, plus it would be too costly for roaming. I understand if I stop payments, my account will be disabled and after 90days it is given away. 

Is there a way to temporarily disable my account while abroad so my phone njmber remains mine when I return and re-activate it? Thanks. 


Mayor / Maire

You can suspend your account for a maximum of 90 days without losing your number. After 90 days, your number will be gone and your account will be permanently closed.


It is simple to suspended the account: make sure your account has no more funds in the Available Fund, disable Autopay and remove credit card. In this case, PM will not be able to get the funds and your account will go into suspended state at the end of that cycle. The 90 days count start from that day.


You can reactivate your account by putting in enough funds – full plan cost and click Reactivate you account anytime after but before the 90th day. However, I suggest you to re-activate no later than the 85th days, just in case.


You can also click Lost/Stolen button to suspend the account right away and the 90 days counter will also start immediately.


If you plan to be absent longer than 90 days then do not remove credit card from the file, log in around 85-88th day and renew your service manually for following month. Then again you have a window of 90 days. Good idea is to lower your Plan to $15 Plan. Be aware your loyalty rewards counter will be delayed if you suspend service for more than 60 days.

Mayor / Maire


The only way is to stop payment for 87 days (3 days encase something goes wrong with réactivation) then switch to the $15/ month plan on AutoPay.

Mayor / Maire

@Fadila   Yes, in fact, PM does not have roaming service other than USA


when is the end of your current cycle?  


Disable Autopay from your My Account but leave your credit card there.  At the end of the current cycle, PM will not be able to renewal as autopay is disabled, the account will then be suspended.  It can be suspended like that for 90 days then your account will be permanently closed.  So, make note of the first day the account got suspended and come back on the 85th day and make a manual payment to reactivate the account.  Make sure the account status changed to Active.  


Depends on if it is close to the time you come back, you can reenable the Autopay at the point


Mayor / Maire

@Fadila after your account is suspended for nonpayment you have 90 days , just make a payment before that  to keep your account for another 120 days ( don't wait until 90 do it a little early in case there is an issue)