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It looks like my US Roaming didn't activate. Why not?

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Hello Community! Public Mobile newbie here...

I purchased a US Roaming 10-day unlimited talk, unlimited text, 250MB data plan on 10 October or so. I traveled from Vancouver down to Seattle on 12 Oct. Once across the border I enabled "data roaming" on my phone. While passing through Bellingham on the bus I tried sending a test text to a friend in Bellingham. That worked. After that, in Seattle, no texts worked, no calls worked. Data worked. My phone showed "T-Mobile". So that was not good because I needed to receive hotel entry info via text - I had to borrow someone else's phone.
Now... back in Vancouver, on 18 Oct, my Public Mobile account shows Add-On Usage info as 10/10 days left for data, messages and minutes, with 0% of 250MB data used! So it seems like the add-on just never kicked in (and I could send a text in Bellingham on my Canadian plan) and somehow my Canadian data was working? I used data several times while in the US.

I read the forums before my trip and saw that the US Roaming add-on activated the day you bought it and only lasted for 10 days beyond that. But now it looks like it didn't ever activate.

What did I do wrong?

Thanks in advance 😎


Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

After opening a ticket with the details of this issue, I received this response: "Since the US carriers changed their networks we were facing with some issues regarding the US addons"
I was given a full refund.

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Thanks everyone. I have submitted a ticket and am waiting to hear back from PM.


@HelloHowzit , not sure what happened with your roaming experience.  I was in WA in July and data worked fine.  I did not buy talk and text.  If you prove that the add-on was never consumed at all, I am sure the CSAs can process a refund.  Initiate a support ticket as already suggested.

Mayor / Maire

@HelloHowzit   Unfortunately, the roaming add-ons have been bit of a hit or miss, with some customers able to mostly use them and others barely getting any service and some none at all.


If you were unable to make use of your roaming (due to US carriers shutting down their 3G networks), then submit a ticket via chatbot and ask for an account credit or partial credit if you had some usage.


Here's couple of links to customer support, try chatbot first.




Mayor / Maire

Click on the little spinner refresh icons lower down under the list of add-ons. That might give you updated info.

It might be that the phone skipped around different providers. It would have been preferred to manually connect to T-Mobile. That would give you the best chance to use services.