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International long distance package

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Both my wife and I have the package that allows us to call Ireland,always worked now it won’t work at all on either phone.Shows active but can’t call just get a recording…was up ?


Please send a private message to the username CS_Agent.

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Asked question here about why my international calling on both my phone and wife’s not working,got no answers.Package active in both phones lots of mins worked before.Try to open a ticket just get page error!Very frustrating and with decreases in packages time to get your act together public …please refer this to someone who can assist me cause the ticket page is not available to me and I pissed off with the who situation.

Mayor / Maire

Ireland is on a list for 300 international long distance list so it should work.
Rebooting phone might help or try your SIM in another phone. First confirm you DO have 300 minutes on your account!

Mayor / Maire

Which Ireland? Northern or Republic? The Republic is on the list for the 300 minute add-on. You'd need the UK add-on or the freebies for Northern.

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