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I saw on Koodo on their New 5 Perks, wished PM could also have too

Mayor / Maire

Saw an article, Koodo introducing 5 Perks, Roll over Data, 2x the 4G Speed, Premium Voicemail, of Course PM has Unlimited SMS, though not the Unlimited L-D International Call.

Wishing PM could eventually have 2x the 4G speed, Roll Over Data, VoLTE, WiFi Call, and hopefully introducing 5G Network as as a way to bring PM up to the Modern Age.






Town Hero / Héro de la Ville

As mentioned PM already has international text which is a add on for Koodo.

The other options would be nice wifi calling etc 5G won't happen they are leaving that for the bigger brands. Even now PM and Koodo moving away from "LTE" branded plans to "4G" throttled plans



Mayor / Maire


That's quite list you have there.....


  1. Seeing as koodo did away with international SMS/MMS for its customers we are already one perk up on them.
  2. 25 voicemails seems a little excessive I'm good with 10.
  3. The "more is merrier" holiday gifts among other bonuses give me plenty of international calling add ons along with lots of bonus data add ons. These roll over every 30 days until completely consumed rather than plan data that with koodo perks will expire after 30 extra days.


Maybe add your suggestions here.....


Quite a few have come true......

Mayor / Maire

Also, Hoping to see More Roaming Add-Ons, More Countries added.


Would be interesting If PM will introduce a BYOD Online Only Postpaid service as well, would potentially make a Great Experiment