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I don't know how to describe ..........quirk

Mayor / Maire

Every morning of when one of my three $15 accounts gets renewed I review and update my records. But today I see this ...suspended notification .....but paid Feb 8 $15....but no rewards applied of which there should be $15 of rewards.  Yes, I know and have seen suspend before but usually the night before. 


I try to do my part to ensure this never happens as I always have more money in the "balance" well before my payment date. 


So why suspended and why no rewards?????? And look and next payment date.....Feb 8 and should be in March. 


I guess I will wait and see if it normalizes or off to contact a CSA. 


Screen Shot 2023-02-08 at 7.21.59 AM.png

Screen Shot 2023-02-08 at 7.22.09 AM.png

Screen Shot 2023-02-08 at 7.22.59 AM.png


Screen Shot 2023-02-08 at 7.23.50 AM.png


Whew! For you. Not me. Still not there. I should be showing a balance now if anything since they already took the money from the card. Sucks though because now I've paid taxes on the card. Maybe they could credit that too since it's their system problem. I'll ask. I've already been in conversation with an agent.

Mine is back to what it should be. Whew!!!

Check your transactions....rewards given a day before your due date and payment taken on your due date. 


This is not good  especially for a customer that is not savvy to the oddities of PM.

Especially the anxious ones and the worriers.  

I had a renewal on Monday night. I looked at the account that evening and there was a community reward. I have noticed now that the card was charged without the reward.

So apparently I'm not alone. Public strikes again.

Does not matter that you dropped out of high school. 😀 School doesn't always agree with every one, but a drop out can still move on very successfully in life and be extremely intelligent and well spoken verbally and in composing.  Be inquisitive, be resourceful, do research and always say "I can do that"!!

We will see....just rewards outstanding now. 

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

That is interesting .... noon. 

haha, this happened.  renewal could go as late as noon EST,  so, yours still no where close to the record


and they applied the rewards to you in the end?


Town Hero / Héro de la Ville

@CountyDownIeUk  LOL no no neither , I meant the last month I’ve been here nothing surprises me Anymore … this another example how I’m trying to improve my writing skills to be as clear  and concise as the rest of you vets … high school drop out here trying improve myself . 

Just called voicemail and phone seems to work. The suspend was removed a few minutes ago and that would be at 11 AM ish in Ontario. Some one sleeping at the switch?? Rewards not applied. 

Mayor / Maire

You being a regular here, shall we assume you did all the usual things like private mode, clicking lower refresh icons, different browser, different device, non-mobile browser, clear cache/cookies.

I said the next payment was Feb 8. But should have been Mar xx.  So I guess that is as you say for the false suspension that was applied to my account. 

I hardly find that to be an acceptable level of tolerance. So no wait for me. It has always worked. The hybrid did work as I mentioned that they still took the payment!!!!

@Handy1 Are you leaving the country or PM?

Town Hero / Héro de la Ville

@CountyDownIeUk  Certainly looks a lil awkward , but my last month around here . And we’ll nothing seems to surprise me anymore LOL

Mayor / Maire

I would give it one more (two?) days to get itself in order. After that I guess you should ask explanation from agent.

PLEASE keep us posted how this goes.

It looks like your much advertised and advised 'hybrid' payment did not work as expected.

Mayor / Maire

@CountyDownIeUk - because today is February 8th, and well, I'm not surprised it looks like that at all. 

Wait for it to finish renewing and should right-side itself.


Did you say next payment in March? But is says May because of the 90 days to lose your account in Suspend. 

Mayor / Maire



is your phone service working?  it could be showing Suspended because the system is still renewing but your service could have no impact



If your service is working now, then wait until the renewal process is completed and check the Payment history again.   Maybe they will apply it back at the end (yes, it should apply rewards first, but as you know system glitches everywhere)