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I am travelling, out of country since 24 May 2022. I want to terminate my service please help

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

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Do you plan on coming back? Do you want to keep your phone number and/or save your account? Rewards? Points? Promotions or bonuses if you have them? Give your account away maybe?


You can hold onto your phone # and account for $45/355 days or $15/30+90=120 days. You can suspend your service for up to 90 days before account cancellation and deactivation. If you pay and reactivate preferably  around day 85 in case there is an issue and suspend again on day 30 of your cycle and repeat you can keep your account and phone number.....just change your plan to the $15 before paying and reactivating. Here are your options.....


  1. You can turn off autopay and allow the account to suspend at the of your current 30 day cycle but this is your least advantageous option. Pay and reactivate by day 85 or so.
  2. If you have an account balance that exceeds your plan amount then you need to suspend via the lost/stolen feature in your account before midnight eastern on the evening of your renewal. Then on day 85 or so resume your service to pay and reactivate.
  3. Suspending via lost/stolen before midnight eastern will keep your voicemail active allowing you retrieve voicemail and any verification sent by phone calls. However your rewards will not be applied to your account. CSA contact after paying and reactivating is necessary to have the rewards applied manually.**
  4. Voicemail can be accessed by calling your pm number from a different phone by calling your phone # and pressing * once connected and entering your 4 digit voicemail pin #.
  5. If you don't have an account balance or enough balance to cover your plan amount you can suspend via lost/stolen after midnight but before 2 am eastern on the day of your renewal. Once your rewards have been applied (usually by 12:15 am et) then suspend your account. Voicemail access will be lost.
  6. Switching to the $15 plan with rewards helping to cover a partial or full amount of your plan allows you to call forward your pm number to your voip provider phone number such as textnow or fongo before you leave Canada.. Now any incoming calling to your pm number will ring thru to your voip number while on wifi or mobile data (w/a local or global sim card) You can access your voip provider's voicemail for all voicemail messages.

Most important mark on your calendar day 85 of your suspension and day 90. Do not forget when you must unsuspend your account via lost/stolen and/or pay and reactivate your service so you don't lose your phone number and account. Happy travels!

**Does not apply to points program customers. Eligible points continue to be earned while suspended.

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Thanks for reply

Service termination is accomplished by ceasing payments.  Please disable pre-authorized payments and remove any credit or debit card stored inside your account.  After 90 days of supsension, the account will be automatically closed.