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How does the new rewards way works? (BTW, didn’t like it:()

Great Citizen / Super Citoyen

Did not really get how the new way rewards works: the old way when the new payment comes, it’s automatically reduced your payment for how much my rewards are. 
but today my payment only showed $5 less that I refered a friend from last December, but didn’t show any of my auto pay rewards and my refer friends rewards.

Any ideas? 


@Lehaha   You already converted to the new system?  Yes, the 25 points is a one time conversion bonus.   The loyalty reward is gone and replace with just Anniversary point, to me, this is the biggest lost..


Mayor / Maire


Without actually being able to see how redemptions work if you wanted to redeem points as a bill payment you can redeem in 15 point increments=$15 off your bill. However if you think that on occasion you may want say a 1gb data add on or a 10 day US roaming add on then you are better off saving your points to redeem for add ons because all but the $5/500min Canada wide calling add on and the $5/200mb data add on have been discounted between 25% to 50% when redeeming points. For example:


  • $15/1gb data add on = $15 regular price
  • $15/1gb data add on = 10 points = $10 (points redemption catalogue "price")

To pull the best value out of the points program redeem for the add ons with the biggest discounts if possible as that puts more money back in your pocket.





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