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How do I register/update my credit card in Self Serve?

Retraité / Retired
Retraité / Retired

To register your credit card information, log into Self Serve and follow the steps below:


  1. Click the ’Payment’ tab
  2. Click the ’Credit Card Information’ tab
  3. Click ’Register a credit card’
  4. Fill out your credit card information and click ’Save’





After the credit card is registered online, you can use either call *611 or access Self Serve to make your payment.



Last updated on 28/06/2016


Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

I want to enter my CC number 

@Lawrence1 wrote:

I want to enter my CC number 

You can do that in self service. Choose payment tab. Make sure to enable autopay too.


Clear your browser cache/history/cookies. Close browser and open a new browser in incognito/private mode. Also, you can try a different browser.


Enter the credit card address "exactly" as it appears on your statement.


Leave the apartment field blank. If needed enter your apartment number in the street address field.


Note: The credit card will get locked after a few failed attempts. You will then have to contact a moderator for assistance to have it unlocked.