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Hi, I am on the 40/5gb package but there is a promo for 40$/15gb

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How do I get the promo as I can't find it in my account 


Hmm...if PM management says it's time limited, then I'd think it's time limited, of course they can always change and keep it permanently.


J_PM wrote:




You've found a frighteningly good deal



! To give our customers faster speeds at more affordable prices, for a limited time only, we’re offering a special $40/15GB 4G speed plan to all of our existing customers in My Account for anyone who wishes to take advantage of it. 

This limited time offer is not a discounted $60/15GB 4G speed plan – it is a special $40/15GB 4G speed plan. Customers who switch to this plan should expect it to stay on their accounts until they decide to switch to another plan. But act fast, this spooky surprise won’t be around for long!"

@Liltakos- You could choose a total of 17gb for those 12 months. That would be cheaper per gig than the most expensive plan here. No one can really know what the future holds. The company can do whatever it wants whenever it wants. There's no mention that the 15gb plan would have a time limit.

@Liltakos   It's a special limited time offer that can be withdrawn anytime, so if you want it then select the correct 15GB/$40 plan and schedule the Change at Next Renewal.  The extra data will stay the same and will not drop off after 12 months.

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WHYYYYY is it two 4G plans at the same cost $40 dollars: one for +5 GB Data and the other for +15 GB Data?? The only difference I see is that the one for +15GB shows a superscript number 7 (next to a superscript 4) which by the way is not shown in the details....Who can explain this?? Is it the +15GB Plan limited to 12 months only??? then get back to +5 GB Data??? I mean The 4G/5GB/40 dollars plan is worthless compared to the 4G/15GB/40 dollars Plan!!

@wetcoaster- He's conspicuously NOT TALKING! 🙂


I think we are after the secret of the 1024MB/$15... 😎


are you not seeing that option when you log in to your account / Plan and Add-ons / Change my plan / select 4G tab / arrow down to that plan.

Are you using your laptop...seems to work best.

@hairbag1   Uh..hmm, still wanna know how you got that "sweet deal" of a plan??  🤔



It's easy to switch Public Mobile plans. Go into My Account, choose plans and addons, select 4g , go to the bottom, click the arrow to select the 15 GB for plan (the first plan that shows up is the regular 5GB plan).

When you find the right plan, click change at next renewal and your next month will be on the new plan.

You can also choose change plan now, but it's not necessary to change your plan now unless you're out of data on your current cycle.

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Try using your laptop to make the selection. Make sure to select Change plan on renewal date...unless you want the new plan right away. If you want it now, you'll pay now and remember there's no pro-rating of your old plan'll pay $40 + taxes right away.

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Also, unless you're running out of data, click change on next renewal. @hasans6 

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Log in to your account and initiate 'plan change'. You will see it on the right-hand side. Be careful not to select 5GB plan instead of 15GB.

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Once you choose change my plan, you will see this new plan as an option

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@hasans6  Go the the plan change section in your account you’ll find it there.. schedule for next renewal