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Here's a list of Improvements PM should consider at some point in the future

Mayor / Maire

For PM to remain Viable, Thriving, and innovative, here's what I think PM should do.


1, VoLTE.

2,  VoIP.

3, Data Only Plans.

4, 5G Network Access to compliment the 4G LTE Network.

5, More Roaming Countries Add-Ons, Even if it's ONLY Data, so that PPL can still use things like WhatsApp, FB, Twitter, WeChat, Communication is key, especially these days.

6, Similar to how PM is doing the Prepaid Online Only No Call Center System, BYOD, Community Support, why Not try a Postpaid Version as well, who knows, it might Reinvent and reinterpret how Postpaid is done, PM Style.

7, Roll Over Data.

8, Increased Data Speed.

9, Revamping of Rewards Program to Rival Virgin, Telus, Koodo, etc.

10, In Community, Have a section where All the Most Common Issues and Solutions so that this can help speed up PM New/ Existing Clients Troubleshooting and resolution.


I would have included Increased list of Pre-owned Phones, But would that have a negative impact?


Of course having a list of Places where to buy different brand phones, New/Used, Refurbished, Etc, would be awesome 






I wouldn't think necessarily, even if a modest increase, I would settle for that and still be a Happy PM Client 

Mayor / Maire

I only agree with esim and volte. everything else is just trying to make PM into a top tier provider, in which I don't agree with... all it would do is make things more expensive around here. leave that stuff for the top tier. that's why they are more expensive. I would never want PM to be post paid. at most, I would want them to change to monthly plans like lucky and chatr instead of 30 days.

Mayor / Maire

PM already offers roll over data and minutes (add-ons) which is much better than one month roll over data perk that Koodo is offering.  

@makkahn28   Like it or not, E-SIM would be the future  


Good thing is that with e-SIM, you no longer need to pay $10 for a sim card.  So, whenever you want to move to a new provider, you can just activate and "jump" onto it.  No need to go out and shop for a eSIM


I see the bad that is that, you can no longer "move" your sim card to another phone for troubleshooting.  Of course, you can go to a second phone and activate that eSIM , and once you are done, you can go back to the old phone and activate that eSIm , but I think it is more work that poping the sim card from one phone to another


Eventually, all phone will be eSIM only

Mayor / Maire

New SIM will not be required for VoLTE.

Just inquisitive, E-Sims, whether they are Useful or Obsolete?


Are they similar to CDMA or Not?



Mayor / Maire

I wonder if we'll need new Sim card for volte?  I was with Eastlink way back when volte came out  and we had to go to the Eastlink store to get them exchanged and activate the volte in the phone.  That would be quite an ordeal to have to mail out all those Sim cards with no stores and help everyone having problems switch over their Sim cards!  

Mayor / Maire

Great suggestion!

I would really love to have my data allowance to roll over month over month and I would not mind if accumulated data expires at the end of calendar year.

Or to be able to give and receive portion (or all) data allowance to/from other PM customers.

Well, PM still needs Wondrous Telecommunications Improvements, Also, Take Shaw Mobile, Though Completely a MVNO, and with More Options, Though Postpaid, What if PM became what Shaw Mobile or Freedom Mobile could have been, But with a Stronger Footprint 

Mayor / Maire



Good post!!


I still think VoLTE will come really soon. They have no choice as 3G is phasing out really soon


VoIP might not be as useful as you think.  Lucky has one, but it can be used in Canada only, so, don't expect using this when you are overseas


I doubt they will revamp the rewards program for better.  They just changed it, it's clearly a cost saving move.  I just wonder if the points can be used for other redemptions like giftcards, or maybe more frequent draws


Community used to have a KB section, I think.  That was before me joining.  They should have something like that


Deputy Mayor / Adjoint au Maire

All are great suggestions, though, I hope they'll enable VoLTE and WiFi calling soon. As for Roll Over Data, Koodo just announced that, but it's limited to $55+ plans. And increased data speeds are kind of useless IMO when you have small data caps. Although Koodo has double the speeds as part of the pick your perks plans.