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Full Bars of LTE but cannot make a phone call

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

I have been with Public Mobile for over a year now with no coverage issues. I recently moved to a new community and have 3-4 bars of service with LTE however i cannot make a phone call. Other people with other providers can. Any fixes to this or will i have to switch providers? 


If I travel to a nearby community with only 1 Bar of service and i am able to make a phone call. 





By chance do you live in Manitoba? Winnipeg or Brandon area? From March 2021, voice quality for calls were affected in those areas because Telus changed band frequencies in these areas.  




@justingillingha  Which province and city are you at?


I would suggest you open a ticket with PM support and have them to confirm for you.  To open ticket wtih PM:


  1. For faster response (2-48 hours), Click on the bubble in the lower right to request CS Agent assistance, or use this direct link:  


          Start with typing "Submit a ticket", click  "Contact Us", click "Other" from the choices, click "Click here to submit a ticket".  Then follow to complete the ticket submission.     

  1. Or you can Send a private message to the CS Agent here:

**Monitor your Community inbox, envelope on the top right, after ticket is opened.  CS Agent will reply and work with you  via messaging there

If indeed that is confimed, you will have to consider moving to a carrier that support VoLTE, voice over LTE.   Carriers like Koodo and Telus both over this with the type of phones they approve.  You will need to first check if you phone is a supported one before you join them


Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

This makes sense, when i had my phone set to 3G, i had no service. There are boosters in the area that only work for LTE services so when i change to LTE i am able to use data at fast speed but no voice calling. 

Mayor / Maire

@justingillingha  - ensure you have Auto Connect chosen on your device, like below.




If still issues with calling, temporarily change to 3G ONLY.

Mayor / Maire

@justingillingha  where is that new Community?


For PM, phone calls requires 3G signal.  It is possible that your new area does not have 3G there at all or weak 3G?


Try to change your network settings to 3G Only or WCDMA only and see if it connects and can make calls.  Let us know how it goes