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Fine tuning the Data settings on my phone

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Data Saver on.

What apps need unrestricted data access?

Carrier and Summit IMS Service show as enabled by default.

Anything else I should enable? I want to save on data but not

at the expense of functionality.






data saver on already restricts background data lol.



for unrestricted data select the apps that you prefer to have notifications while your device is off

Mayor / Maire


Here is some more tips on data usage that can help you conserve data usage and/or find where high data usage is coming from.....


  1. Turn your data saver on.*
  2. Set your data tracker to the correct calendar dates of your 30 day cycle.
  3. Set your data warning. ( I set mine to 25% of plan data**.)
  4. Set your data limiter. (I set mine to 50%.**)
  5. Turn off all background data in your app usage settings.***
  6. Set video content to play on wifi only ( or off altogether) in each individual app's settings.
  7. Turn off wifi assist for iPhone or the Android equivalent.
  8. For low data plans turn off mobile data and turn on when needed or to download MMS.
  9. Use free wifi when available.
  10. Double check that your phone is connected to wifi. Your phone can sometimes not automatically reconnect to wifi after rebooting, resetting or leaving/entering a wifi area.

*Android and iPhone's data saver tools work differently it is prudent to check settings in each phone's apps for such things as your photo app for device syncing, backing up etc.... Note: viewing or searching for backed up/stored photos can use considerable mobile data.


**Public Mobile sends out a text from 611 giving a warning at 75% and 95% of total data usage. If you have data add ons these warnings include both plan data and add on data.


**So if you just have 1gb of plan data you will get a warning at 756mb/1024mb and 973mb/1024mb. However if you have 1gb of plan data and a 5gb data add on (1024mb+5120mb=6144mb) these warnings will recieved at 4608mb/6144mb and 5837mb/6144mb respectively.


**This is why setting your data warning and limiter is important so that an errant app's sudden usage can be noticed and/or stopped by your phone's data usage tools rather than relying on pm's limited warnings system.


***Background data can use up to 38% of your data that is pure wastage.


Get in the habit of taking screenshots of your overview page and payment history before and after renewal for record keeping and checking that your data and/or limited minute/text counter resets.


@Hollinger Your phone will probably won't allow you to control essential services that run in the background. So I suggest restrict every app and then allow only app you want to use data on like Browser, Email or Twitter. iPhones run a lot of check-in services in the background that uses less than a MB so don't worry about it. Good thing about PM is that you will never get charged extra 🙂

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Mayor / Maire

Honest you don't really need any app unrestricted data access..  and make sure you disable background data use for most app... other than communication app like Whasapp, VoIP app, etc

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for more information about Managing Your Data Usage visit  Here link to save your data...

and turn off background data, to save your data.

when your data limit used all, is will be off until next renewal cycle,

at public mobile 30 day Prepaid Service No fees extra charges.