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Family Member Passed Away

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

How do you close an account on behalf of a family member who has passed? I don't have their account number or which email they used


Mayor / Maire

Condolences @toriaa 

If you have access to the device and you happen to know their 4-digit Account PIN you can call 611 and cancel Autopay in the menu, press 5 to do so. But if you don't know the email, I suppose it is likely you do not know the Account PIN either.


You could try to use the Forgot your password option to reset it by emails you think it could be registered under, found here:


If an email is received (check spam/junk folder) then you can reset the password to access My Account.

Mayor / Maire


My condolences of your lost. If you have the phone, dial 611 and cancel AutoPay and stop payment. The account will be closed after 90 days for non-payment.

By contacting a CS_Agent will require the security PIN and security questions to access your family member’s account.

Mayor / Maire



Sorry for your loss.


If the account is setup with pre-authorized payment, there should be a credit card on PM's My Account system.   Once the credit card is cancelled, Pm will not be able to get the money and the account will be suspended and will be closed permanently after 90 days