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Ended up with wrong plan twice, still can't place calls

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Howdy, hopefully this is the right forum for this - and I've already emailed about this, but it's kind of a big inconvenience for me at this moment so I'd like this resolved ASAP so here goes.


I've basically picked a plan as I activated my sim card on the 20th (2017/06/20) and as I got through the payment page, I've noticed that it only added the 'add on' package to my account, charging me 10+8$ instead of the 40-50 I expected, so trying to correct this situation I appears the plan I wanted still didn't go through correctly the second time, and I was then charged a second time for the initial 10$ fee for the 30 days plan (It didn't help that I confused an add-on package for a voice package).


I am currently unable to make any calls and I have therefore been charged twice.


The plan I am trying to get is the 

"$40/month++ talk, text and 2GB of data." which comes in at 120$/90 days. Is there any place I can go or someone I can bug about this? I tried reaching customer support via landline but it seems that service stopped in 2015.


Anyway, thanks for reading!



Glad to hear that. Welcome to pm.
** I am not a Mod, please do not include any private info in a private message to me.**

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Everything worked out via PM 🙂
Thanks everyone!




Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Thank you for your help, I am in the process of resolving this via private messages.



Mayor / Maire
You have to send a private msg to mod here's how

Contact any moderator by private message to help you with the process.
In your private message the following info
* PM account email address
* PM phone number
* PM SIM card number
* Detailed explanation

Here is the link for how to contact moderators

What you do click on link the webpage will open. You will see a mod team click on any name then scroll down all the way and click on send a private msg then explain your problem

** I am not a Mod, please do not include any private info in a private message to me.**