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Depleted data this month, but had over 4 Gb data in account; how do I access the extra data?

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

For the first time, I depleted my data allocation this month, but thought I had an additional 4 Gb of data on my account, 2 from last year, and 2 from this year. This should have been available to me automatically when I went into overage, but instead, no more data usage. What happened, and how do I get access to the extra data capacity that I know is on my account?


Mayor / Maire


Log into your self serve account using secret/incognito mode and go to your plan and add ons page. Use the date filter only and download all of your usage for the past 90 days. Then go thru and add up your data usage since you replied YES2 to the text from 4911 that added the 2GB holiday gift to your account (max 16 days). It shouldn't take you long to determine if you have used up that much data in the last two weeks.


When you have data add ons on your account you cannot depend on the 75% and 95% data usage warnings you get from pm to manage your mobile data. This is due to the fact that those data usage warnings are based on all of your data in your account not just plan data. You need to use your data warning and limiter along with the correct 30 day cycle to accurately track your data usage so that your phone gives you a warning and eventually limits your mobile plan data usage so that you are aware of and can decide whether you want to start using your add on data and you can then reset your data warning and limiter settings.


I have almost 10× as much add on data to plan data and as such use my data usage tools accordingly to first warn and then limit my mobile data so that I don't learn a very costly lesson that could run into the hundreds of $$$! Normally I set my data warning at 100mb and limiter at 150mb. When my data stops I reset the limiter to 250mb. Then when it stops again I can make the decision if I want to dip into mobile add on data and may only set it in 50mb or 100mb increments to keep the usage in check.


Do you have all of your background data usage turned off in your Settings>>Apps>>Mobile Data>>Background data usage>>Disable. Background data can use up to 38% of your mobile data....for your phone to sit there and do nothing!!

It does seamlessly start to use your extra data add ons. Thus I think this is not the first time you have depleted your monthly data allowance but is actually the first time you have run out of data completely since using up your monthly allotment as well as your data add ons. As mentioned, if you log in and don’t see your two 2GB add-ons you’ve already ”seemlessly” used them up as well.

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Already tried that, as well as restarting my iPhone, but still nothing. I thought it would automatically roll over to the extra data capacity I had, as well. It certainly has done so in the past. Would moving from Alberta to BC change things? Phone works same as always, except for the data issue.

Mayor / Maire

Additional Data (as add-on or bonus) should seamlessly continue to provide access to Internet.

To confirm you really have additional data, log in with different browser or in incognito/private mode.

Mayor / Maire

@aNishi  login My Account using incognito mode to confirm they are there


also, try reboot your device first


and make sure you don't have data limit set on your phone



Mayor / Maire


Try logging into your account using a browser in incognito or private mode first.

Then click on the little circular refresh wheel.

Then restart your phone.