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Data Usage Details and Period

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin


where can I see how much data is left and what is the period so I know when it will be reset?  On the data usage page it only seems to show the bonus data. And I don’t see what period it is for.  
is there a way to see how much I am using daily?

thanks Community!


Mayor / Maire


As noted by @computergeek541, your next cycle will start on your renewal date. 
The date of your renewal is on bottom left of your account page under “Next Payment Taken”.

If your regular data is not shown in your “My Data & Add-ons” then you used up all your data for this cycle and will start eating away from your bonus data.

You can go to “View My Usage” to see what and when the data was used for.

I never use my Public Mobile data anymore (since I subscribe to cheaper mobile data elsewhere).


But I used to use it a lot more, enough to worry about it. My habit was to manually reset my software data usage counter immediately after receiving the "thank you for your payment, your plan has renewed" notification.


I suppose you could just try different data usage apps until you find one capable of understanding 30-day or user-defined billing periods.


You'll receive notifications once data usage hits 75% and 95% thresholds. Though they can be (very) wrong if you have any add-on data provisions available after plan data provisions are fully consumed.

Plan data resets on the day that your plan renews. That date is shown on your account overview (when payment needs to be made by).  Add-on data stays in account until used up (exception: U.S. roaming data).