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Currently thinking of changing plans but need some advice.

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Right now I have a grandfathered plan activated where I'm paying $135 every 3 months for 6GB data (total across 3 months), unlimited international texting and unlimited province wide talk.

I noticed my current plan has 4G LTE and all the current plans are all 3G... will this be a significant downgrade if I choose to change my plan?

Why are they no longer offering 4G plans?

Thanks for any advice you can give me on this subject.


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 @Meow : I don't think I would watch any serious video (tv show, movie) on either a phone, tablet, laptop. But if it's all you have then you do. Or when mobile say on transit or something.

Certainly not large files on data.

Their other option is to use hotspot or cast up to a larger screen.

@Anonymous wrote:

Seems the only time you might notice the speed difference is for things like HD videos or downloading large files. Beyond that it might be hard to notice enough of a difference to care.

I am just wondering... do you really use your cell phone with puny display to watch movies? Or to download large files? I know current mobile phones are speed monsters in terms of CPU speed and most likely have GB and GB of memory but still... If I want to stream movies/youtube nothing can replace TV or even 'plain' laptop.


If you take data speed out of the equation for a moment you would have two considerations....


The length of your plan cycle changing from 90 days down to 30 days. It's great to be able to use your plan data over a longer period and only having to pay 4 times a year.


On the other hand suspending your plan for travel has to be well timed and only works for short holidays so its not very flexible and if you change your plan you lose it so you also don't have flexibility to change plans based on need.


By changing you would gain Canada wide calling over province wide calling and gain additional plan data while lowering your plan cost. The $40/5gb plan would lower your monthly cost $5 or $15/90 days and gain 3gb/30 days or 9gb/90 days. The $35/3gb plan saves you $10 or $30/90 days and increases you plan data by 1gb/30 days or 3gb/90 days. If you anticipate larger or smaller data needs for a month you would now have the flexibility to drop down to the $25/1gb to save $20 or up to the $50/10.5gb for the month at the cottage or cabin with no wifi.


Now take take data speed into consideration. What do you use your mobile data for mostly? I have both throttled 4G LTE on one plan and full speed 4G LTE on another. For my use I don't notice much of a difference....websites load faster, especially if they have video or high quality images or you may use certain apps or like to game where you may notice they are slower but the normal everyday stuff like reading emails or googling isn't going to be affected.


Try forcing your phone into 3G/CDMA and see if you can live with that speed of 8 to 12mbps. If that doesn't bother you then going to 3mbps should be fine and if necessary you have the option of 3G to get higher data speed ( mostly) for certain tasks. Take the time to compare the data speed between the two you can access from your phone.


When you are ready to make your decision remember these main points:


  1. Length of plan cycle 30 days or 90 days and flexibility.
  2. Overall plan cost and value with savings of 10%-25%.
  3. Increase of plan data amount between 50% and 150%.
  4. A decrease in data speed from 30-60mbps to 3mbps.





Before rewards, you plan is $45 for 2GB LTE data per month.  With rewards, it should be cheaper.  The present plan of $40 would give you 5GB of 3G data with unlimited Canada wide calling.  


If LTE is important to you, other companies offer competitive $40+ plans with more LTE data.  Your grandfathered plan is not that competitive these days.  


I doubt PM will offer LTE in the near future.  PM is a tier 3 company of Telus group so Telus would rather you move up the chain to either Koodo or Telus to get the LTE plans.  



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 @NeoRizer : Cheapening the product to keep the rates down and the rewards flowing maybe.


The so-called 3G is kind of a misnomer. There's still 4G LTE, it just throttles the speed down to 3Mbps. People also use actual 3G for data where the speed is better but some more latency.


Seems the only time you might notice the speed difference is for things like HD videos or downloading large files. Beyond that it might be hard to notice enough of a difference to care.