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Credit card payment

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Maybe some terminology differences going on.

I use the term payment card when I don't know if someone is talking about a credit card or debit card.

I mention autopay as a toggle to turn on or off. A payment card needs to be registered to be able to toggle autopay. You can register a payment card and not have autopay on. You can't toggle autopay without a pre-registered payment card.

I dunno. Maybe that's just more mud 🙂

'Course we don't know _what_ the OP is asking.

@BearFBI wrote:

@popping Really ? I thought there was an option to not enroll in autopay ? You dont need autopay to add a CC

Try to add $1 to your account without creating autopay cc entry stored in your account.

You can add an autopay entry without enable autopay.


You cannot just use any credit card to add fund to your account without saving it in your account first.


You can add fund to your account using topup voucher which is not OP is asking.

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@popping Really ? I thought there was an option to not enroll in autopay ? You dont need autopay to add a CC



PM is not set up to accept online payment.  You need set up autopay by adding your credit card or debit card on your account first.  Then, PM will use your autopay card on file to pay for your next 30 days plan fee.  You can also add fund from your autopay card to your account before renewal date to pay for plan fee or purchase add-ons.

@darrellnelson if your autopay credit card failed and your service is suspended, you may reactivate a suspended account online or by calling 611.
Via your account online
1. If you have already registered, or will first register, a credit card, go to step 2. OR deposit a voucher for at least your plan cost and go to step 3.
2. Go to the payment tab, select single payment and  amount due.
3. Select the reactivate account button.
4. Restart your phone.
or Using 611 to make your payment: ( you need your 4 digit pin to buy an add on)
1. press 1 to make payment
2. press 2 credit card ( or 1 voucher)
3. press 1 amount due.
4. Restart your phone.


If this fails contact the moderators and ask them to apply payment and reactivate your service for you if necessary. There are 2 ways to contact the Moderator Team:

  • Faster response- Get help with your account the easy way by starting a conversation with our virtual assistant, SIMon. It’ll take you to relevant help articles, or if it’s something more urgent, it can help you submit a ticket to the Moderator Team. Click here to get started.
  • Slower- Alternatively, you can send a private message to the Moderators by clicking here. You’ll need to be logged in to your Community account for the link to work.

Once connected to Simon, you will be asked to log in again with your community user name and password.  Please do, this allows you to continue and send your message.
- Check your private message sent box (click on the envelope top right of your screen) to make sure the message was sent.

- Keep an eye on the envelope top right of your screen.  The mods answer will show up there.  When it does, you will be asked to verify your self service account, with your password and login. Doing so allows the process to continue. Stay safe. 

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@darrellnelson Do you have an issue ? Are you trying to pay with a credit card ? 

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@darrellnelson What is your issue? You card is not accepted?