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Covid-19 crisis and data usage

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen



I'd just like to ask if anyone at public mobile has thought about temporarily increasing data limits for plans during the Covid-19 crisis?


As I live in a rural location, cellular internet is all I have to stay connected to the information people need right now. I'm finding that staying informed about health announcements and keeping in touch with everyone is having an unusually high cost in data.


Perhaps even a promotion on data add-on's would be a timely and helpful thing to do for people having a tough time in the short-term?


I believe it would mean a lot to people.


Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

My plan is the $50 dollar one (both of them).


There is a place in the self-serve web interface that asks if I wanted to implement changes at the end of the billing cycle or immediately, I chose immediately, but it did not actually do it - and made no mention of needing a moderator to intervene.


I will remember that for future reference though, thank you. I'm not put out by having two devices anyway, it's nice to have a seperate line for voice calls and one for data sometimes as stateful connections are sometimes interrupted with the cellular (soft) handshake from 4G to HSPA, and I actually want to experiment with aggregating them anyway...


To request moderator intervention seems inefficient, I wouldn't have anticipated the need as it was provisioned for in the self-serve interface...

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

And further,


Just to leave this idea here, it would be easier to have an option for a 8GB top-up at that rate then (50$), I'm not sure why the obfuscation and convolution is necessary.


Renewing the plan also changes the renewal date, which can be undesirable and exacerbate an already annoying 30 day billing cycle when most people get paid monthly.


A monthly plan would be a nice option.


You only need the moderator for early renewal.

I currently carry around 2 devices. One is my primary line. The other is what I call my data line. Do the hotspot wifi thing with them. It's admittedly a bit of a hassle and I won't be doing this forever.

Earlier last year there was a 5gb promo offered. I bit.

Deputy Mayor / Adjoint au Maire

@awoserra, am on the opposite end here. I been home for the past few weeks with a landline and cable internet at home. Shaw has now unlimited internet for the time being. So, my plan of $40 a month, with 5 gigs, is almost pointless. Although, I did go out and got lost, and thankful I had data for Google Maps to help me get out and find the bakery that I wanted to find!


I couldn't find the email or message from ( @darlicious ) who I mentioned that I was planning to go from the $40 plan to the $25 plan. She suggested I go to the $15 plan. Buy the 1gig data-add-on for $15 and buy the $5 Canada Wide minutes for 500 minutes (Any unused minutes will roll over to your next cycle.). To be honest with you, I really had to think this one through, because my math and finance thinking is truly bad! Hence, why I became a designer and not an accountant like my dad! 


So, instead of saying $40, I still have a phone for emergency purposes for $15. And if needed turn on data (250mb), and if necessary, use the 1gig data that I would have purchased. And the minutes? 100 minutes. IF I truly don't want to use my minutes, I could text them to call me instead. But, that's kinda cheesy/ But, not really, if you want to be frugal in these times.


The worst-case scenario is going back to the bigger plans in a month's time. If it works out well, I would save $25 a month if am lucky! 

*If money was no object, I would keep the current plan or go bigger! IF I lived in rural area, I keep the bigger plan too! And get the $15 data-add-on x 3...just in case!

@awoserra  If you are living in a rural area you should see if you qualify for telus smart hub. $60/100gb 2yr contract +$10 finance your smart hub device. $65 per month no contract. Multiple devices can connect to the WiFi. If there is more than just you at home then its more than worth it.

     Currently you're paying $100/17gb if you switched to the $25/1gb +smarthub=$100 $40/5gb+hub=$115       $50/gb+hub=$125   You can then adjust your pm plan according to your data needs outside the home and use much less since most uploads and downloads will be done on WiFi rather than mobile data.

Deputy Mayor / Adjoint au Maire

@darlicious, am so glad I tag you on that last post....see everyone, it takes heart to get into all this math stuff. my brain hurts when I read the numbers, figures, data....make it stop.


@ShawnC13 , c'mon you are a math wizard too, can you break this down even further by the MB?


@awoserra, I think darlicious has a great point. And by the looks of it too, you can install it too! Here's the link to the Telus Smart Hub

 @darlicious , @mpcdesign 

Telus Smart Hub is not available nation-wide.

I would happily recommend it though as that is my home internet service.

No cable, no adsl, no optic, far superior to a satellite provider, less cost than other terrestrial services.

@mpcdesign  Well if @awoserra goes with $25plan+hub = $1/1gb +tax=$1.12 in bc per 1gb

Deputy Mayor / Adjoint au Maire

@z10user4 , what extraterrestrial services?

@z10user4  Since the OP said they live in a rural location and likely cannot get traditional wired connection internet service I suggested they see if they qualify for telus smart hub.