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Cannot text without data

Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle

My son has the $15 dollar plan which gives him unlimited texting.


He sometimes runs out of data and the texting is very sporatic.


He does get a message to log into public when he is out of data but when he sends a text it shows sending for a long time on his screen and sometimes I get it and sometimes not. Same when I send one to him, it can take ten minutes or not deliver at all.


So I asked him to shut off data and wifi to see if it sends and it did but also sporadically.


What should I be expecting when data runs out?

Technically calling and texting should still work right?



It's a team effort around here. A little imput from everyone got your son on his way.

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Any idea when RCS will be included in unlimited SMS/MMS? 


Personally I blame Google! When the first Android phone was released Google Chat (previously Hangouts, originally GTalk) should have been the default for SMS/MMS and chat and then Google wouldn't have been futzing around with their messaging strategy for the last 13 years!!! And we wouldn't be have two friends using RCS, two friends using WhatsApp, two friends on Messenger, two friends on Telegram, two friends who insist on running their own Jabber servers, two friends who think it's been downhill since IRC, etc...

@schultzter wrote:

And we wouldn't be have two friends ..

Why to keep it simple when it could be made so complicated that even OEM cannot resolve it anymore???

@hTideGnow wrote:

They are nice, but use data.

'Nice'? How nice? What else you need beyond sending plain text - letters and other characters? Emoji? They are so tiny you need magnifying glass to see them. Useless.


Lol....I used to have a data block on my flip phone with telus. As a result all I would get were squares instead of emojis.

Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle

Hi there, 

If your son is able to upgrade to Android 12, there is a way he can specify how to receive SMS without using data. 


-Tap on "Settings" 

-Tap on "Network and Internet" 

-There should be an item titled "SIMs" and under it, it should state "Public Mobile" with a "+" sign at the far right, tap on it,

-Scroll down to where it says "MMS messages -Send and receive when mobile data is off", slide the button to the right or tap on it to activate it.  By default, it's off. 


Now your son should be able to SMS without using data.  He would still wifi to send any gif's or videos.  


Thanks and enjoy!  

 @Zyl : Welcome to the Public Mobile Community. What a great first post. Nice work. Even on a solved thread. All new information. Awesome.

Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle

Thanks.  🙂  Thanks for bravo'ing me.  🙂