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Cannot receive phone call from USA

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

I had interviews with multiple US companies, and some recruiters complained that my phone is not reachable, or the call would just drop immediately. 

Is public mobile preventing calls from USA? I don’t have any US addons, I would assume that I can receive calls from US.


@darlicious- No, for this place when testing calling say Iran, I get the cheery lady saying you can't get there from here. I can't know what every other provider does. I can't speak for the US. I can't speak for these recruiters. We're all speculating. The term recruiters has flexible meanings as well. Headhunters sure. But if it's just a job listing site and you submit your resume then who knows.

Mayor / Maire


Okay sure but has that ever been your experience when making a long distance call and you don't have a plan or add-on for it? Or even if you have pay per use you would get a message telling you the number you are calling may have long distance charges apply. A a long distance call doesn't usually just drop unless these recruiters have prepaid plans? That seems highly unusual if they are recruiters especially if they are recruiting internationally?

@darlicious- I'm not commenting on international calls. I'll stay on maybe some of those recruiters don't have long distance to Canada service.

Mayor / Maire


Maybe it was from certain providers in the US that calls would drop?



Doesn't that sound familiar to you?

Mayor / Maire

Maybe those "some" recruiters can't call Canada. The fact that others could points to them.

Mayor / Maire

@j2023  incoming calls from US does not need any addons


did you just join PM?  did you request Porting?


how long you have been with PM?

are you getting incoming calls from friends in Canada?

did you get ANY incoming calls from US at all?  are talking about you cannot receiving ANY US calls or some?