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Cannot make or recieve calls

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

My phone suddenly stopped working.  I thought it was the phone.

Bought a new phone - same problem. cannot receive call or messages.

System phone and message apps not working.



Mayor / Maire


I might have missed this but the calling issue for some customers with the implementation of VoLTE only affected calling.....not text messaging or data? Correct?



While @evanne2 hasn't confirmed whether or not data is working? (I'm assuming no at this point.) Do you also have no working services on your phone? Putting your Sim card in another phone and another working Sim card in your phone will help determine whether or not the issue lies with the device or the Sim card. If another providers Sim card is put in your device (especially another network's Sim card) that will also help identify if it could also be a network and/or provider issue.


If it's not just calling affected on a newer device (which would likely be the VoLTE issue) then in could be a Sim card provisioning issue especially if it occurred right after renewal. Much rarer would be the need to replace the Sim card but contacting customer support to reprovision the Sim card and reset the account would need to be attempted first and usually fixes the issue. Even putting your Sim card in another device and making a call or sending a text and reinserting it back in your phone can reprovision the Sim card.


Error messages such as the ones suggested by @softech could indicate a blacklisted phone if it was bought second hand or a Sim card that is not connecting properly in the phone due to a poor fit, dirt or debris on the Sim card or in the Sim slot.


A few more details will help narrow down the issue. The community can often help solve technical issues quicker than customer support or the tech department if back end access is not required to fix the issue.

@Lyons don't give up.  It is likely just a problem cause my the enabling of VoLTE.  Just open a ticket with PM support, they will refresh the account and will resolve the problem 

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Right?? I'm in the same boat ...  it's as if the account is suspended but you paid your bill and it says active... it's been  almost 48 hours and no one gets what I'm saying ...  telling me to check stupid things that make no sense regarding the issue ....  I'm ready to lose it 

Deputy Mayor / Adjoint au Maire

Can you provide a screenshot?  Do you have any bars / signal showing?

What troubleshooting have you tried?  Have you reinserted the sim card?  

Have you accessed your account to make sure you have paid?

You may need to contact a CS agent

Mayor / Maire

Did you check your account? Is it active?

Instead of buying new phone did you try to check your SIM in another phone first?

Even though having new phone is sooooo nice!


@evanne2   tell us what is not working


do you see it connected to PM network at all?   Do you see any errors on the phone's status on top like "Sim not provisioned", "No sim", "no network"?


If it connects, does voice work? or text? or mobile data? or none of those work?



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