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Can you Re send port request to my phone?

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Hey, just bought a galaxy flip 4 with a plan from Verizon and want to port my number to Verizon now. However when the text was sent to my smasked phone we were unable to see it or anything, I need the port request re sent so I can transfer my number to verizon. What do I do?


Mayor / Maire


Hopefully you've already gotten this resolved. But if you have not then the sales people for Virgin should have assigned you a temporary number while you await figuring out with your port request.


I think what you may have missed here is you can extract your sim card from your smashed phone and put it in your new Galaxy flip phone. Then you will have your Public Mobile SIM card to use while you contact Virgin customer support to reinitiate your report request. Then Public Mobile will send you the PAT (porting authorization text) which you can then reply YES to within 90 minutes of receiving it.


If you cannot remove your Public Mobile SIM card from your smashed phone you can then contact customer support to authorize the port request verbally or technically written authorization via your private messaging.


It is important to understand that only Virgin Mobile can submit a porting request on your behalf. Public mobile cannot do this for you they can only approve the port request after receiving your authorization and they will then release your phone number.


However given the poor support you have received so far you may want to test out for a new service and your new phone the next 14 days. As you are given 15 days to change your mind and returning the phone and cancel your new service at no cost to you. This way if you are unsatisfied you will keep your public mobile account and phone number and any rewards, add-ons and freebies that you currently have without having to go through the trouble of activating a new account with a new SIM card and lose any rewards etc that you may have and be on the new point system rather than the old reward system if that's the program you are currently on.


Otherwise enjoy your new service and your new fancy phone.

@Evon117 hour 5, but can you confirm if you have receive the text from PM asking for yiru approval to release the number?? You are the one to approve the release.   Was you PM sim card in a phone and powered on all along these 5 hours.  Let us know and we can advise further

Mayor / Maire

And i don't understand the problem your "experts" have understanding that this is an online support system. Did you submit a ticket?

Did your old sim get wrecked? Can you pull it out? Can you put it in a different phone?

Then they re-request and you reply. That's the system.

I don't know if the number in the link will help you if you haven't received it from someone here yet but see what happens. But really the proper protocol is to reply to the confirmation text.

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Is their a phone number of anyone who works in porting at public mobile? I've been thru koodo, and telus and they can't help either. I'm in a cell shop with 6 experts who are all puzzled as to why public can't do this. Please help us.


you can finish the activation at home. are you also getting a new phone? I would just call virgin and get the phone delivered. 5 hours is a long time

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Virgin claims they are unable to do any of this and that it's up to public to release the number. Hour 5 in the cell phone store please just release it. Please. Please. Please. I need this phone number

You aren't getting proper support from Virgin. This is all their job.

Your account here needs to be active.

You need to leave this sim in a working phone.

You ask Virgin to re-submit the port request for you.

This place will send you a text to confirm the port on your old sim.

You reply yes to that text on that old sim within 90 minutes.

Eventually the old sim will stop working.

Put the new sim in the phone and move on.

@Evon117 Hi did you leave your public sim in your phone to receive transfer request?you need to answer yes within 90 minutes or your port will fail you need to contact virgin to reinitiate your request 

@Evon117 you request porting from Virgin side?  you didn't get the text from PM yet?  Make sure you can get regular text on your PM sim from friends without problem.  Then call back Virgin and ask them the status and ask them to re-request porting

@Evon117    You can try submitting a ticket to customer support via chatbot here:


Or send a private message to CS_Agent here:


Be aware that there's a backlog of tickets customer support is dealing with so you might be waiting hours/days to hear back.  Plus it's VM responsibility (AFAIA) to request another transfer text be sent.

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

I'm begging for a public mobile representative to talk too I simply need my phone number released to virgin mobile. That's it that's all I've been at this for 4 hours please help me

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Virgin says they can't and need someone from public to do it from their end. Been trying for 4 hours now all I need is public to release my number. That's it. Please.

@Evon117    If you are porting out to Virgin Mobile, then they need to request PM to resend the transfer text again since you missed it the first time around.

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Sorry meant to say virgin and they told me on the phone that public must be the ones to release the number


Oh yeah, Verizon is only in the US, I believe?

Mayor / Maire

Hi @Evon117 Verizon cannot take Canadian number.  They can only take US number 

Does Verizon do business in Canada? I don't think one can port either way to or from each country.

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Alright will try

Mayor / Maire

@Evon117 - you need to request Verizon (OP corrected to Virgin) to resend the request to Public.

But do you mean your Public phone is damaged? Move your public sim card into another phone to accept the text after contacting Verizon.


edit typo

Mayor / Maire

@Evon117    You need Verizon Virgin Mobile to ask PM to resend the port request to transfer your number.  Just keep the PM SIM in your phone until you've responded to the transfer request within the 90 minutes window.  PM account also needs to stay active until then too.


edited due to new info supplied by OP.