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Can't receive calls

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin


I got my new sims card in the mail and registered my phone, transferring my old number from Virgin, about 3 weeks ago. I can make phone calls, but am not able to receive them still. I tried all the quick tricks, like restarting my phone, toggling on and off of airplane mode, putting my sim card in another phone (both phones are supported by public mobile), etc. I'm at a loss and have no idea where to go from here.


Mayor / Maire


If your Virgin SIM is still working then the porting is incompleted. The most important step in porting process is to reply to the text from Virgin with their SIM in your phone with YES confirming you are porting over to PM. There is a 90 minute window for you to reply or porting will be cancelled.

If you missed this step or replied too late then you need to contact a CS_Agent to restart and complete the porting process for you.



When you ported your number from Virgin mobile, did you respond yes the the Virgin mobile text to confirm the port request?  What about incoming texts?  Are they working?  

Do you still have your VM SIM card?  Try it in your phone.  I have a feeling that your port was not successful. 

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