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Can't pay

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Public Mobile refuses to let me pay using a new credit card and I cannot get any support. 

Short of switching to a new provider, what do I do now? 


Personal preference.  

Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle

Just wondering what the reason is that you don’t want to use the app?

Great suggestion.

 I recall the permission thing. But what about people who don't use the app? What if we use the app but don't want to give location permission? Does the app state this must be done or else it will not work?

This should work no matter what device or method we use to access our information. 

I don't use the app. I am dreading 😫 when my card expires 2025.

@JuliaRJLi wrote:

I'm just replacing an expired CC. 

There is another thing somebody mention the other day:

Use app to change CC info but enable location permission! Few customers claimed they had no issue changing CC info with app. loc permission.
Let us know if it worked!

Mayor / Maire

@JuliaRJLi  this is an ongoing issue with public mobile for months now! They are aware, but there no fix in place yet. Try with all the previously mentioned suggestions. 

I have seen some say it will not take the same card, they had to use a completely different one.

Or you could purchase vouchers for now until they fix the system or you are successful.


I replaced my old CC last month on the PM app under Payment tab then Update Card Information without any issues.


Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

I'm just replacing an expired CC. 

Mayor / Maire


Make sure the area code on your account is the same as on your CC.

If you are just replacing and expired CC with the same number. Use the PM app or clear the cache & go incognito before login online.

You can also make a manual payment over the phone by dialing 1-855-4PUBLIC.

Mayor / Maire

Did you confirm your credit card IS updated on your file?

PM should allow you to manually add funds to your account.

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