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Can’t login and can’t change password

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Hi. I tried to log in to my account but was unsuccessful. tried to change the password too without success. urgently need help, child's phone and I need to change the type of payment.


Mayor / Maire


You can also pay with a public mobile voucher through 611 or by calling 1855 4 PUBLIC and enter the 10-digit phone number. Here's more information on public mobile vouchers and other alternative means of payment.

Town Hero / Héro de la Ville


Hi there have been a few issues lately with password reset,try and clear cache and cookies or try a different browser in private or incognito mode reboot your device and try again if you have a different computer or laptop try that ,if all that fails 

you need the help of a service rep

There are two ways to contact a customer service agent , open a ticket through Simon here

Or  private message them here

Mayor / Maire


if password reset won't work you

 need to contact a customer service agent 


1. you can open a ticket through Simon here


2. alternatively you can private message them here                               

           check your community envelope for a reply