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Can’t get in to my account

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Mayor / Maire

@Tilly1-45 do you have a phone number with Public Mobile yet? If not, and you want to activate with Public Mobile, you need to obtain a Public Mobile SIM card to activate it in order to access a Self Serve/My Rewards account.

edit to add activation link: 


Or, have you been in nonpay/suspended status for over 90 days?

If you have been in nonpay/suspended status for over 90 days, then you lost your Public Mobile account, phone number, and access to Self Serve.



We need more information before we can help you.

Were you able to login to your account before?

If not and you activated your plan at a store, you need to create your self-serve account first before you can login your account. Use this link to create your account.


If not and you activated your account online, your self-serve account was already created.  Use your email address as username and the password provided during activation to login to your account.


If yes, have you try using the Forgot your password? link on the login page to reset your password?


Mayor / Maire



If it is showing your account is now locked, you can wait a full hour first and try again


If issue persists, try to use the forgot password link there ( ) to try to reset the password yourself.    Once a correct email address is entered, you just need to answer the security question you had setup before to complete the self-reset process


If you are unable to reset it that way, you will have to open ticket with PM Support and have them to assist the password reset process


1. For faster response (2-48 hours), Click on the bubble in the lower right to request CS Agent assistance, or use this direct link:

**Start with typing "Forgot Login Information", click "Contact Us", click "Click here to submit a ticket".

2. Or Send a private message to the CS Agent here:

**Monitor your Community inbox (envelope icon on the top right) after the ticket is opened. CS Agent will reply you there