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Can anyone confirm that Ottawa / Gatineau (National Capital Region) is considered as one province?

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen


   I've searched the forums but there appear to be conflicting answers.  Can anyone confirm if NCR is considered one region under the Province-Wide region? (i.e. I can call / received calls in Gatineau from Ottawa and vice-versa) or if they are still treated as separate regions (i.e. you need Canada-wide if you want to call / be-called from Ottawa-Gatineau).

   I'll be moving to PM but live in Ottawa and work in Gatineau so I want to confirm that NCR is considered one calling region even if it spans 2 provinces.


Let me know.  Thanks,


Great Citizen / Super Citoyen

Just to add on, I have found that it seems to connect to 613 numbers regardless of where I am. I was in Montreal yesterday and it connected just fine to 613 numbers (which was my primary concern). I am curious if I went across further than 1 province (say for example I went to Vancouver for a trip), if it would still allow me to call 613 numbers as though they were local.


I am going to add some top up minutes for the few occasions where I need to call Gatineau numbers, but I imagine 200 minutes will last me over a year.

@zmawani @michelb @maoz


This is an idea we really need to promote

Click to post here under Public Lab ideas and lets get heard on this matter


This is a LOCAL call NOT a long distance call!!!


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After reading these posts, I am really confused!

A few people claim they can phone back to Ontario with a Ontario registered phone while in PQ.

This is NOT what the Public web site claims. So what is the correct answer?

Also, people have been complaiming that while phoning Gatineau to Gatineau they are charged LD.

Can this be a problem with what cell tower you are connected to along the river?

This can be solved by "white listing" the towers by both sides of the Ottawa River.


I realise there are other problem areas across the country, but Ottawa/Gatineau should be a special case.


Also, would be nice if this forum had a spell checker. It would be trivial to add.

Mayor / Maire

This is a bit confusing. 


So so let's say if you are in Ontario and you have the promo plan, if you receive an out of province call, is it considered long distance and you are charged long distance?

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A working option is to get a free Fongo number.

Forward your phone number to Fongo (unreachable option).

Whenever your are out of your province, you receive calls on Fongo, without LD addons. You can also send calls through Fongo.

Mayor / Maire

Another super simple option is Skype To Go 

Anyone who uses Office (which is like everyone these days?) gets free North America minutes as part of your package

Register your number for caller ID and dial local access number for whatever province you are in then dial long distance

No data used + you always get unlimited minutes


Other way is via Skype app, but this will use data so your choice


Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

@TK wrote:


A working option is to get a free Fongo number.

Forward your phone number to Fongo (unreachable option).

Whenever your are out of your province, you receive calls on Fongo, without LD addons. You can also send calls through Fongo.

have you tested this? because if you were out of province you would be unable to receive phone calls without the LD add-on to the province-wide plan.


A long distance talk add-on is required to receive incoming calls while you are outside your home province.


that's taken from the footnotes (#2) of the plan builder. so it would just go to the Fongo VM if you set that up, or ring on forever, or whatever. never used Fongo, don't know the settings available.

Great Citizen / Super Citoyen



Yes, I have tested call forwarding. Pls see


  Re: Are calls "unanswered" or "unreachable" when stepping outside the province?


To clarify forwarding, I did the following tests using different phones.

Note that forwarding takes a few minutes to be effective.


Cell A, with PM sim card, Fongo installed

Cell B, no sim card, Fongo installed

Phone C, home landline


Test 1- Using A, I forwarded always calls to Fongo, then I turned off A. Using C, I called my main number (not fongo). Fongo on B answered.


Test 2- Using A, I forwarded unanswered calls to Fongo, then turned off A. Using C I called my main number, all calls go to PM answering system; no forwarding to Fongo.


Test 3- Using A, I forwarded unreached to Fongo, then turned off A. Using C, I called my main number. Fongo on cell B answered.

This happens when sim is not reachable by PM network.


Test 4- You are out of your province, no long-distance add-ons. You have forwarded unreached calls to Fongo. Cell A is on. Now your sim is reachable by PM network. What happens to incoming calls;

-Call does not pass through, as you do not have long distance add-ons.

-Again, Fongo wakes up, and answers.

This test is not yet done, needs to be out of province