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Can I use the same Credit Card to pay for multiple accounts

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

I'm setting up 5 phones on Public Mobile and all accounts will be paid for using my credit card.  The 1st one (mine) went through fine but when I try to setup the 2nd account (my daughters) it won't accept my credit card.  I get the following error message.  


(We were not able to process your payment. Make sure all information is correct or try again with a different card)


I've triple checked and all the information is correct.  Can I use the same credit card to pay for multiple accounts?


Thank yo


Mayor / Maire

Yeah @softech has a great suggestion as cc companies can block stuff in the name of security so as long as you space it out or vary up the plans, you should be fine 

Mayor / Maire

Yes, you can use same credit card to pay for as many accounts as you want.

Be aware when setting up new account it has to be associated with Unique email. Aliases are acceptable.

If setting one account with CC went OK but next did not, try to clear browser cache or even reboot your computer or use different browser.

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

wow!  That was fast.  I used incognito mode in chrome and it worked.  Thank you for the advice on spreading out the payment dates and the incognito mode advice.  

Town Hero / Héro de la Ville


in here yes you can use multiple accounts same info credit card but you need a separate email, for each account. and don't forgetting use your refer a friend to get rewards.


each account activated tried close browser,

and for new activated use browser from computer,and clear cache and cookies and use one page inPrivate mode.

Mayor / Maire



Yes, you can. Try clearing your browser cache and cookies and go incognito. Use chrome or edge browser.

Mayor / Maire

@tzwatts  try again in Incognito mode.  Could be just some browser cache issue

Or try with a completely different browser (Edge/Firefox/Chrome)


But an advise, if you are setting up 5 accounts, preferably they do not have the same renewal date every cycle and not same plan amount.  If they are same plan, spread out the renewal date.  The reason is that if 3 or more plans renewed on the same date with the same amount, credit card might decline the charges thinking they are duplicated charges   Two same payments on the same night are  usually ok. Anything more than 3 , it depends on how fraud sensitive your credit card is