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Can I transfer my add-ons to another account before moving out?

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Thanks a lot for all your replies. I'm my case yes I wanted to keep my number and my son who wanted those add-ons also wants to keep his number. So the hassle in the process pushing me to just skip it for now. I hope one day they have better options to gift your left overs to someone. Thanks again and have a lovely day.

Indeed @Tsawwassen  - there is no way to COMBINE the benefits and add-ons on two separate accounts into one account.  ( but wouldn't that be an awesome way to retain customers.. )


The workaround I originally suggested was intended to propose that if one account is substantially better, that the remaining PM customer could utilize that account, albeit with a bit of hassle.

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I would absolutely love to find out how.  I have tried in the past to no avail to do just that. —- Yes one could take over another account but no way  able to combine two accounts. 

That’s technically accurate, @Tsawwassen 


However, let’s try providing possible options to get to where an OP may want to get.


There is almost always a workaround to every hurdle.

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It's not possible to transfer add ons from your account to another account. You can transfer the account to another if you don't mind losing your phone number. It's against policy to transfer numbers between accounts so the scenario by @HALIMACS is achievable usually by purchasing a cheap lucky Sim card ($4 at dollarama) and the cheapest plan ($15). 


However with a compelling reason and a sympathetic CSA you may be able to port out and save your account for the previous scenario to really work or transfer your account to a family member for example who is with another provider or needs a new phone #. If you must port out and a CSA agrees to help you out then a new pm Sim card must be purchased and activated on the $15 plan. Once activated you would contact the CSA who would transfer your phone number to the new account and assign a new phone number to your account. You would then port out from the new account which would promptly cancel the new account/sim card. There is considerable time and expense involved so the value in saving the account would have to be worthwhile.

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Simply to the point———> NO

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There is only one way to do this, but it is very inconvenient.


The person you want to transfer the add-ons to would have to port their number out temporarily to another provider and then port their number back here to your account (I believe this can be done in self-serve under the change your number feature) then that way they would retain their number and acquire your add-ons.


Of course, it may not be in their best interest to do that if they have an established public mobile account already.


Alternatively, if the other person does not have a preference over their phone number and you don't mind losing yours, they could simply take over your account and number.



[I'm open to feedback from experienced Community folks as to whether the first option is possible. 🤔]

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@ibraheempindi i don't think you allowed to do that

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@ibraheempindi  you tagged the etong person.  admin is not the real admin here, it should be @CS_Agent 


To answer your question, NO, add-ons cannot be transferred 

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@ibraheempindi wrote:


I don't think you can. PM doesn't have share plan or family plan likes other provider such as Rogers.

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@ibraheempindi  Not possible