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Calls keep dropping after 53 seconds ( exactly 53 seconds)

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

my calls keep dropping for the last few days . I never had this problem before. ( every call drops exactly after 53 seconds) i did things like rebooting / taking the SIM card off but nothing works.  

Loud beeps and then dropped call

when placing a call I hear a large double beep around 22 seconds and it then drops around 53-54 seconds.  it’s happening to both incoming and outgoing calls


i am currently roaming in the U.S , U.S talk add on

I am having this problem for a week and unfortunately public mobile team couldn’t solve the issue .


I submitted 2 tickets but haven’t received any response from public mobile ( team _ moderator)


any suggestion how to get this issue resolved ?



I can't quite remember how call forwarding works with fongo and US roaming etc...can you read thru this thread and possibly offer some work arounds for the OP?

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

I got a free number with Fongo and forwarded my PM number to Fongo . It kinda solved the problem temporarily so I can have incoming calls without any dropping. 

for outgoing calls , I use hangout app and it displays my PM number when I make outgoing calls . 
It is needless to say that none of the above solutions work without an internet connection 


Sadly , PM made me go though too much hassle. Very disappointing.


When does your current roaming add on expire? How much longer are you in the US?

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

The current U.S talk add-on expires in a few days and I’ll be staying here two more month before flying back home. 

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

And I need to renew my U.S roaming with PM in order to forward my incoming calls to Fongo. Otherwise I won’t even be able to use Fongo for any forwarding purposes . 


When @Nezgar posts his suggestions you will have more options . I don't have the expertise in call forwarding etc that he posesses but the general idea ( unless your sim card has to be in canada to do the programming) would be call forwarding thru fongo  to meet all of your needs either using just the US roaming data option or possibly a mint mobile sim card . With the data only or if necessary the data/talk/text add on you can then  call both on wifi and mobile data. Fongo uses about 0.5mb per minute so 250mb=500 min of calling.


I realize this can mean extra phone expenses on your part but at the same time either thru a directive from Catherine_T or just at a later date when the crazy customer support backlog is cleared you would ask for and had better recieve a credit equal to the added expenses or possibly up to 30 days  worth of roaming add ons for the frustration , lack of roaming functionality and very poor customer support.


On the other hand with your length of stay and as previously mentioned a downgrade in plan ( as long as you dont have a grandfathered plan) some ingenuity from  @Nezgar  we could possibly save you enough money and find a great deal on a dual sim phone to then use both your pm service and mint mobiles service. (3 months of mint $45+$30 min 2 month of pm=$75÷60 days=$1.25 per day)

(2 month min pm service=$30+6×$20 10 day roaming='$150÷60 days =$2.50 per day)   That would save you $75+ $30 pm credit?=$105 towards a dual sim phone!      food for thought!


Edit: Maybe this is an option if not now maybe for the future.....

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

I truly appreciate all the valuable information/ solutions you just offered .  


Hey its helping me out too......learn as you go......I could barely operate a smartphone 16 months ago. Then I switched to public mobile and I had to learn the basics and I went from there.... I have a dual sim samsung galaxy A3 i bought 3 years ago for travel (and I have 2 accounts) to use cheap local sims. This wifi hotspot device is very interesting and could be a good investment and very useful for your business travel. The clearance priced ones on the website  with the data deals are fantastic...

I'm assuming this is in US$99 or w/ 24gb $109 or w/50gb $128 and/or use the sim slot for local sims ie mint mobile

Great Citizen / Super Citoyen

1) You may have a damaged SIM card. If it’s been damaged for any reason (often a dropped phone, or a poorly inserted card) then you could drop calls on your iPhone. If it’s bent, chipped, broken, or not properly inserted, you could drop calls. Here are some things to try:

  • Take out the SIM card carefully. Check to see if it appears at all damaged. If it looks fine, then make sure that the notched corners line up in the right places to insert it and push it back in. Since the cards can only be inserted one way, you’ll know immediately if you’re putting it in correctly.
  • Once the SIM card is back in the phone, get someone to call you and see if the call is dropped.
  • On the other hand, if the card looks damaged at all, you can be pretty certain that it’s the problem.

2) This may sound simple, but try turning it off and on again. Power the phone off and wait for a few seconds, then turn it back on. See if that fixes the problems of dropped calls.


3) Close background apps. So many of us switch from app to app that we forget what’s running on the phone, and soon we have twenty or thirty apps running at once. That’s another cache memory issue, and it could cause dropped calls.

4) Activate your Caller ID. Another non-intuitive solution here: if you go to Settings, then Phone, then Show My Caller ID, this might fix the problem.

  • Dial #3#. This is like the caller ID trick. IT is meant to disable your phone’s outgoing anonymity status, and that might be the problem.

5) One more strange trick: set your iPhone’s time and date automatically. This is particularly an issue if you’ve traveled recently and crossed time zones. Connect to WiFi, then go to Settings, then General, then Date and Time, and see if Set Automatically is turned on. If it isn’t, turn it on.

6) If nothing else works, try checking to see if your carrier has any updates. If there have been updates you haven’t installed, they could be dropping your calls. Go to Settings, then General, then About. If there’s an update available, one will pop up and you can install it. If nothing pops up, this isn’t the issue.


A little more investigation came up with a few things...are you using an iPhone? If so theres a suggestion from at&t to turn data on and your phone will start using 4G instead of 4G LTE for calls. Worth a try....they say if it persists reset your network settings but i think that pertains to US customers of at&t only I believe.....


A more likely culprit is the recent US roaming functionality issue and how it is affecting your account. A very similar issue that would occur sporadically to customers since 2016 after an unusual renewal (did you have one?) but the US roaming issue may have caused the same issue along with the 2 roaming talk add on bug.....anyhow from what I could glean from the solution by Mary the mod was the removal of the plan from the account, a reset, add the plan back, a device reboot and a network reset.


All of those moderators are now gone since telus outsourced moderator support so the exact solution may be lost but I am going to message one of the members who also had this issue to see if they can offer any insight....but they are not a regular contributor so we will see.....


Even more insight on the origins of the problem are supplied by a link in the above thread by the OP which subsequently supplies yet another link to a thread. You fall into this category....hopefully your ticket is still open because i just passed the 60 hour mark in a pm to the mods so not good.....