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Calls keep dropping after 53 seconds ( exactly 53 seconds)

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

my calls keep dropping for the last few days . I never had this problem before. ( every call drops exactly after 53 seconds) i did things like rebooting / taking the SIM card off but nothing works.  

Loud beeps and then dropped call

when placing a call I hear a large double beep around 22 seconds and it then drops around 53-54 seconds.  it’s happening to both incoming and outgoing calls


i am currently roaming in the U.S , U.S talk add on

I am having this problem for a week and unfortunately public mobile team couldn’t solve the issue .


I submitted 2 tickets but haven’t received any response from public mobile ( team _ moderator)


any suggestion how to get this issue resolved ?


@darlicious wrote:

@Nezgar Thank you. Did you check out that link?

Yeah, seems decent. But there's a lot of carriers doing this - you can shop around for any SIM provider that gives data and either use any phone to be your "hotspot" or these special-purpose devices that do only that... Only difference is maybe the battery lasts longer when not plugged in... A search on Amazon for "Roaming SIM" returns a plethora of options LOL. I remember a youtube video recommending a SIM from Thailand or something that was the cheapest they could find.. You can use it in Canada with lots of data, but all of the Internet access is backhauled through the original carriers country, so you have to put up with that lag as it hops back and forth around the world... If you only need data, who cares about the phone number..

@Freebird2222  That is a known issue with PM if I remember correctly the fix is for PM to reset your account but I think you need to be connected to PM and not roaming. 


I think a long time ago another user was able to resolve a similar issue by swapping their sim. Might be worthwhile to order a new sim from Amazon and do the swap via your selfserve account.


Oh I see what you are saying the same thing is achieved with a roaming sim the difference being and what i was thinking for @Freebird2222  was they could keep the pm sim in the phone for texts but be connected to the portable hot spot along with a laptop etc....since it can connect 5 devices. Then access to fongo and text now is easy and portable. The hotspot comes with 50gb of US data on sale with device for $128 and good for a year ( I think) but also gave the possibility of using a mint mobile sim for cheaper service than pm's roaming add ons (and current service issues.) Seeing as the OP will continue to do business in the US in the future it would pay for itself in savings in the next two months alone. 

For it to work you would still have to purchase a sim in Canada, change sim card in the account and program the call forwarding  and then send the sim card to @Freebird2222  by registered mail or courier to be able to use it to recieve text messaging.