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Calling from Canada to US and then within US.

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Planning a trip  from Canada to US. Need to call US from Canada before I go. If I purchase add on US long distance minutes, can I use them for both?


Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle

Hi srlawren. You're right, Thanks for correcting. 

Mayor / Maire

HI @Bm4   the US Long distance minutes can only be used when you are in Canada and calling US 


When you are in US, you will need another add-ons, Talk & Text US roaming add-on


However, voice calls is using T-Mobile 2G network and it might not work everywhere

Maybe a better way is to download VoIP app like TextNow and make calls using the apps, on Wifi.  Of course, you can also buy local mobile data when you are in US, then you can use the TextNow with the mobile data


Retired Oracle / Oracle Retraité

@WolverineCaz wrote:

Yes since it's an add on. 

@WolverineCaz incorrect.  Please see @HALIMACS response.  

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Mayor / Maire

Simple answer,  no @Bm4 


US long distance minutes are for use from within Canada to the USA


US calling/data add-ons are for use when you are physically in the US looking to make calls there or back to Canada.


EDIT:  If you will be in areas of Wi-Fi when in the us, consider getting a VoIP service which may offer free texting and talking.


Additionally, if you have an iPhone or Android you can use the native RCS features through iMessage or Chat to communicate much like text messaging.

Mayor / Maire

You might have the more is merrier freebies if you signed up here Dec or earlier. You can use those to call the US from Canada. The 1000 minute add-on is used in Canada. To call Canada in the US using Public you'll need a roaming add-on.

Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle

@Bm4  if you have the 500 long distance minutes left from the more is merrier give away you can a call the US with  that ,, all addons are for calls made from Canada to abroad not the other way around . You would need a roaming add on for calling while in the US 


edit check for add on mins left 

Check add-ons /mins /Data



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Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle

Yes since it's an add on.