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Callers can’t reach my line 95% of the time

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

I need help urgently,  ALL my callers can’t reach my line 95% of the time. Most people prefer to call me on WhatsApp instead of calling my Public Mobile line. This has been my experience from day one. I keep missing important official call. The worst thing is that there is no customer service to make a complaint to. This is a terrible experience!!!


HI @esojay5000   


any carrier would have some problem here and there, not just PM.  

You need to follow some steps for issue to be fixed. Even with full support carrier, when you call them, they will ask you to try this and try that before they can help you 


Since your wife account and phone is working, please put your PM sim card in your wife phone and test it first



Deputy Mayor / Adjoint au Maire

@esojay5000 wrote:

We use the same iphone11. She has no issue with her coming calls

Try turn off your phone, remove sim card, wait a couple of minutes, inset the sim card and reboot the phone. Also update to 16.3.1.

@esojay5000   but if you wife is working and not your's, it is not the network itself


I suggest you to open ticket with PM support, they can reset your profile on the system and maybe that is the last piece of the puzzle


Please open ticket with PM support using Chatbot:


1. Please open ticket via Chatbot (need access to My Account): At

Start by typing "Submit a ticket", then click "Contact Us", Then click "Other", then click "Click here to submit a ticket ↗" 

2. If you have trouble with Chatbot or you don't have access to My Account: Private message CS Agent at:

**Monitor your Community inbox (envelope icon on the top right) after the ticket is opened.  CS Agent will reply to you there



Mayor / Maire



are they going straight through to your voicemail?


Try these fixes:


  1. ensure airplane mode is not enabled

  2. ensure do not disturb is not enabled

  3. ensure the number calling you is not on a blocked senders list

  4. disable any call-forwarding features/settings

  5. turn off Bluetooth -- it's possible the 'ringing' is going through to a Bluetooth device instead of device's speakers

  6. remove and reinsert your SIM card

  7. reset network connections

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

I have double-checked this for months. My phone is not the problem. I see that this network has a very pathetic service. Public mobile does not even have a team to check what the root cause is. Instead, we are expected to do "guesswork" and hope the problem goes away. I appreciate everyone's concern and useful suggestions. but If I don't see any improvement, I will have to find another provider. I cannot be wasting my time while parting with my money every month.

@esojay5000 wrote:

My wife and I live in the same house and we use the same public mobile but she does not experience the same issue as me. I’m always on 3G

@esojay5000   you might be on the 3G speed plan but check if the network mode shows 3G.  Usually phones are set to Automatic and the phones will connects at 4G/LTE and will only switch to 3G network when voice calls is made.  So, please double check your network type here:



Select Settings.
Select Mobile Data.
Select Mobile Data Options.
Select Voice & Data.
To enable 3G, select 3G.



Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

We use the same iphone11. She has no issue with her coming calls

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

My wife and I live in the same house and we use the same public mobile but she does not experience the same issue as me. I’m always on 3G

@esojay5000   but she has no problem with her incoming calls?


another question, what brand and model is your phone?


Also try to put your PM sim card in your wife's phone to test.  Again, this is to force the sim re-provision and hope it can resolve your problem


Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

I ported my line to public mobile since middle of last year. All my callers experience this issue regardless of the caller’s network. For instance, my wife is also using public mobile and we live in the same house but she can hardly get through to me. This is a bad experience and it has been like this from day one

Mayor / Maire



I see your Community account from 2022,  have you been with PM since that and not newly activated?


Try this, change the Preferred network type or Network mode to 3G Only (some phones call it  WCDMA).  Check if the phone connects to PM network at all in such settings.  If it does, check if you get calls in such settings


And if you don't, try to reseat your sim card once

and if you have another phone around, put the sim card there, it could force a sim re-provision and it could resolve your issue


And do you notice you get incoming calls more likely from another location?  it could be a local 3G network issue in your particular area.


Let us know what suggested above work

If not, also tell us which city or province you are at



@esojay5000 , by chance did you activate recently and did a number transfer from a different service?  Are your callers reporting that your offline and calls go to perhaps a voicemail?  Otherwise, if you can observe network connectivity on your phone and if there is nothing unusual you should be receiving all phone calls.