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Hello. By mistake when I first got public mobile I made a payment with my credit card over the phone. I should not have done this, as I have auto pay through my credit card.  Also 2 payments went through my Visa, one on April 4th and another one on April 14th. So I am being charged twice a month instead of once,  and I am also still owed the credit for the payment I made at the beginning.  Please help me get my money back that is owed to me. Thank you!

P.S. my phone number is xxxxxxxxxxxxx


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Edit your post to remove your number. This is a public forum.


Who did you call to payment over the phone?


Have you checked self service to see if extra payments are in available funds?

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@computergeek541 personal info posted. 

@DawnB Public mobile is a prepaid service so unfortunately I do not believe you will get it back. But I could be wrong. Contact customer support by submitting a ticket 

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Any additional payments should be in your available balance. If not, contact a CSA to get that sorted out best course of action is to leave it in your balance as opposed to a refund. That will cover future renewals, so potentially by the sounds of it, your card won't be dinged again for 2-3 months if not more

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Out of curiosity, @DawnB , when you activated here, did you do so instore and did they have any problems with the activation and did you come back about 10 days later to try to redo it?


What you’re describing has sometimes happened with some merchants when they screw up the activation for customers. 

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FYI, any additional payment will remain in your account as credit and will pay for your next month’s bill. Therefore, you paid for 2 months service.

A refund will take up to 30 days…same time as your next month payment so not worth asking for a refund.