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Autopay ignored, had to top up manually and was orvercharged!

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

my autopay payment was ignored by Public mobile today. It appears in my payment history of Public mobile and my bank provider (both screenshots attached), but it was not recognized bu the cell network and I could not make any call today until I toped up the account manually (payment also shown on the screenshots). Still, the autopay was charged and never re-appeared on my Public mobile credit. Also, my credit card statement shows the charge of $28 instead of $25,76, the amount that gets charged when on autopay for my plan.


I need advice how to contact the moderator team to resolve the issue and get $28 back to my account. Thanks.

public mobile 2.JPGpublic mobile.JPG



Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

May I please ask that the hybrid system is? ☺️✌️💛

@Seawatersoul wrote:

May I please ask that the hybrid system is? ☺️✌️💛

A few days before your next can manually pay for it.

As long as you have a valid cc on file and set to Autopay, you'll still get the Autopay Reward of $2.

That seems to minimize occurrence of the dreaded Autopay glitch seen by some customers.

I think they meant.. you still setup Autopay on your My Account to get the $2 reward...


but before the due day, you add fund to your account manually.  The fund will be stayed as "Available Fund" on your My account.  PM will take money there.   So, no Autopay will trigger since you already manually added fund, but you still getting the $2 rewards


Basically it means  you manualy top up your account a day or two before renewal guaranteeing you will never have an autopay failure and lose service but collect the $2 autopay reward anyways.

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Everytime I see your name I start to sing fergalicious lol but with darlicious tehehehehe 🤗💛 hope you're doing well my new friend!! 🙌🙌🙌 And thankyouuuuu ❤️