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Auto Pay by Credit Card no rewards?

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

My last phone number auto pay can get 2$ reward per month,my new phone numer no rewards,Public change police?


Mayor / Maire

If you used to get $2 off for autopay (if you activated before 2022.01.25) and you did NOT switch to points, there is no reason not to get that reward.

Do you see on your account - Payments - Pre-Authorized Payment under Rewards (right-hand side of the screen)?

Mayor / Maire

When did you activate?

New plans are on Points. 5% of payments. And possibly on 3 x points. 

Older plans are on the $ rewards which also included $2 off for auto pay and up to $5 off for loyalty. 

Some folks on the $ rewards may have switched over to points.  

Mayor / Maire

What plan did you get? If you are on the 40 plan you get 2 dollars/points back anything higher you'd get more than the 2 and anything lower less. However, if you have recently signed up you should be getting the 3x points promo for a year so for the next year even on a lower plan you would be getting way more than the old rewards ppl anyways.

Mayor / Maire

@wjwcdc0315   Since Jan 25, PM has introduced a new reward program , Public Points.  Anyone joined after Jan 25 will be  on this new rewards program.   With Public Points , there is no more $2 Autopay rewards. Instead , you can 5% back in Public Points. Once you collect enough to 15 Points, you can convert it to $15 Bill Credit


Here are more info of Public Points

Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle


no $2 rewards for autopayment , just point rewards.