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Deputy Mayor / Adjoint au Maire

Other carriers are raising roaming rates.  Public Mobile offers US roaming bundles at great prices. 

Just another selling feature to convert your friends and family 😁


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Deputy Mayor / Adjoint au Maire

If voip isn't great, as you're saying, why do you wish people would use toip? (An acronym I've just made up to describe text over IP lol)

Deputy Mayor / Adjoint au Maire

Yes, I know it's not perfect and hopefully it will get better, but I've had decent luck in the US so far. I guess sometimes you do get what you pay for...

Town Hero / Héro de la Ville

iMessage doesn't need to open up, there's already RCS that works across phone platforms. Apple just needs to adopt it (yeah right, I know!).

 @DennyCrane true, VoIP app is just ok, and many public wifi block the voice port VoIP uses, the phone will ring but when you pick up, it doesn't work 


But best VoIP.. Google Voice!!!


Would be nice if iMessage open up for Android and if would be less trouble to message across platforms 



Town Hero / Héro de la Ville

Convenience is definitely important to some who don't have time to mess around with finding another sim, and continuity is also important. Not having your own number for texts and calls may not mean much to someone who just need to call their girlfriend or their mom, but for someone who relies on it for business purposes it is a big deal.


Personally I just wish everyone would use WhatsApp to reduce the reliance on SMS, but that's not realistic. And I'd also like Apple to move off of their proprietary iMessage technology and go with the the platform agnostic RCS technology that would allow texting across device types over wifi. But again, i doubt that will happen anytime soon.


As for VOIP apps, i personally have found the quality to be so bad that it wasn't usable for business purposes.

Mayor / Maire



Read the fine print on USA plans. 

Mayor / Maire

Good post @DDM69 


I always don't understand why people willing to pay so much for the "convenienve"


What most people don't understand is that the roaming connection might not be seamless sometimes.  They don't understand it could be a device issue or coverage issue.  Of course, they would then blame the carrier here and threaten to leave. Many don't understand and sometimes it is really out of PM's control 


With the effort and money, buying local sim with VoIP is always my suggestion.  With 2FA code, switch to authenticator app