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Anyone else notice MMS messages NOT getting logged in Selfserve anymore?

Mayor / Maire

Not sure how long this has been but it used to work but it has been some time after the redesigned Selfserve site.


Mayor / Maire

Reply from PM agent:


"I have checked the status of the ticket and the reply from the technical team is that According to the Business agreement MMS traffic is bypassed as of now and we don't have any tentative dates for re-diverting the traffic back to the platforms.


I apologize for the inconvenience, the MMS information will not show online.




CS_Agent PM"

Thanks for another confirmation. Hope PM fixes this soon.

@pm-smayer97 sorry.. forgot to report back.  No, MMS is not there on my usage  😞

SPOT ON! That is exactly one of the key usages for me. 


Thanks for confirming. Now, I hope PM fixes this, and sooner rather than later, as now I have no visibility. 

I performed a test and MMS was NOT logged in usage report while SMS has been. It makes no difference for me as I rarely look at usage report since even data usage correspond almost to the MB with what my phone reports.


But some customers might need to know texting usage particularly parents with access to minor's account!

Yes... see reply above

Mayor / Maire

I will do some testing and report if this is the case.

But is it really important to see MMS in usage history? You are not getting charged extra nor it affects any service.

@pm-smayer97   true, I got mixed up with data.. calls and sms/mms should appears instantly.  But I will give it the benefit of doubt and wait for the data usage to come in as well  🙂

@softech I've never noticed that kind of delay. I most often see things posted fairly quickly. That said, the ones I am checking for are definitely more than 12 hours ago. I'll await your confirmation.

@pm-smayer97   I just sent one this morning to test.  As you know it takes 12 hours or so for it to show up , if it will, on Usage history.  I will check later in the day and will let you know  🙂

@softech thanks for the reminder. I checked that too and nothing either.... they simply are not recording anymore.

Mayor / Maire

@pm-smayer97   I don't send and receive a lot of MMS, my last time it got logged was Oct 7. But it is likely I didn't use any since


Did you download the usage history and check the full history?  Just a reminder, the filter has glitch and it won't work if you didn't scroll through all the days before you filter.  Downloading the usage log in xls and filter is a more reliable way