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Advertised $40/15GB unable to activate?

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

I see the lunar new year promo of $40/15GB on the site but when i go to activate the SIM card, it says it's going to charge me the $60. There is no promo code to enter...what gives?


Mayor / Maire

@megawatt4743  When going through the activation process you pick plan first make sure it on the right 15GB plan , that said if you made it to payment part and stopped because you were in the $60 one by accident on that 4th page of activation is a spot to put in referral code and promo code … but for the $40 /15GB plan there’s no promo code to use . But can still use a referral code to save $10 bucks I’ll inbox you one I case you don’t already have one private message 

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

@megawatt4743  The plan is definitely still there 15GB for $40 as @Handy1  mentioned there’s two plans with 15GB one for $40 the other $60

Mayor / Maire

@megawatt4743  Scroll thru plans the one you want is there 

the plan you want is there twice one for the $40/15Gb and the other $60/15GB the latter has promo code for extra limited time data 

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