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Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Good day all,

I signed up for a plan yesterday. But my iPhone 11 is set to a different country and I am unable to download the app to activate the plan. Tried changing the country to Canada, had to cancel apple music sub but now I have to wait until the 28th for the sub to expire. Is there any  way I can activate my eSIM and plan without the app?

Thanks for the help!!


@JT242  Can be more tricky with eSIM then physical sim . But in the case of eSIM you would them scan the QR code from the welcome email with your phone to install . Don’t let it automatically install to the phone during the activation process 

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Hi Handy,

Thanks for the reply. Would this solution not register/activate the plan to my friends imei number/phone? Never activated an eSIM before so I am not sure of the activation steps.

Mayor / Maire

Hi @JT242 

Due to your current situation, the only real option is to jailbreak your phone to put apps on it without going through the Apple store. I'm not saying I recommend that, just saying this is the quick fix. However, another option maybe is to do a factory reset on the phone and start a new apple account here in Canada hooked up wit a Canadian Wifi account. You will of course need to back up of your iphone to your PC first. Just my thoughts.

Mayor / Maire


Unfortunately you need the app to activate a SIM or eSIM. Not like the good old days where you can activate them on your computer.

Mayor / Maire

@JT242  NO you need the app to activate Change the location to Canada in the App Store itself , or use a friends phone to download app and activate , then you can manage the account on the website from there 

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