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Activation Issue

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin



I am having an issue with completing the SIM activation for my sister. We received an error when it got to the payment and when I tried to re-do it, I get a message saying the email has already been registered. I tried to log in with self serve but it doesn't go through and no payments have been taken out on the credit card eithe


@lynetteobrien   is the sim in the phone is it possible that it got activated?  have you tried calling out?


If you can call out contact csa agents to complete the registration /activation process.

Mayor / Maire


If your payment card has not been charged then you must wait out the one hour lock out session to activate again. Once one hour passes the Sim card number should get a check mark clearing the way to start the activation again. Take the time to screenshot the info as you enter it on each page especially the password and 4 digit account pin #, the referral code and promocode ( if applicable) and the transaction summary you recieve after a successful activation (after the 1234 countdown).

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@lynetteobrien is it your getting a new number or porting the number for another carrier? BTW, you better contact CS-Agent to clarify the setup process. Sometimes it is a website error. or sent the ticket to the CS-Agent,

I hope it can help.