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Activated a SIM but getting 'forbidden' page when signing in

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

I have just activated my SIM with you online and tried signing in but repeatedly got the Forbidden page (using different browsers, clearing cookies etc. as suggested on Forums)




if you’re logging in from a mobile device with credentials that auto fill, after they auto fill, do not tap the login button and allow the system to log you in automatically.


When credentials auto-fill in the system, it may then try to log you in automatically, if you manually tap the login button you will receive an error message every time.


Not sure if that is what you are experiencing, but just offering this for your info.


after 60 minutes, try logging in again, only this time use laptop and enable incognito mode before this attempt.

Hopefully, you've just tried unsuccessfully to log in too many times..see if waiting the 60 minutes clears things up.

Please let us know.

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Everything is working thanks but I still can't sign in, and I have tried Incognito

Mayor / Maire

@felixcoupe   is your phone service working?  both incoming and outgoing calls work? and Data work?


you tried using Incognito mode?